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Height-Adjustable Workstation Leader BOSTONtec Releases a Guide to Ergonomic Reach Zones

BOSTONtec, a leader in ergonomic workstations, has released a guide on ergonomic reach zones to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and promote employee well-being. The guide explains reach zones and how to set up a workspace. BOSTONtec provides a wide selection of workstations and accessories that excel in heavy-duty environments and significantly benefit businesses. The guide is a must-read for managers, health and safety professionals, and employees who want to optimize lean processes, improve quality and accuracy, and ensure employee well-being.


Michigan, March 2, 2023— In an effort to ensure businesses across America and the globe better understand the risks of an improperly designed workspace, BOSTONtec has published a must-have guide on ergonomic reach zones.

The guide could not come at a more critical time. In 2019, 28% of reported non-fatal injuries were attributed to musculoskeletal disorders arising from ergonomic-related risk factors (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). What is more, in 2022 the cost of injuries caused by handling objects and awkward postures is estimated at over $16 billion annually (Annual Workplace Safety Index by Liberty Mutual).

Nina Neuschuetz, Marketing Manager at BOSTONtec, states: “As a cornerstone in preventing ergonomic-related injuries, designing the workplace to fit the demands and needs of all employees is fundamental. Using our knowledge of ergonomic reach zones, we can design work settings that cater to the natural range of motion of the human body, significantly reducing musculoskeletal disorders. We’re excited to share this knowledge with managers, heath and safety professionals, and employees, alike.”

The company is a worldwide leader in ergonomic height-adjustable workstations. This highly comprehensive ergonomic guide (PDF) draws on their extensive body of in-house knowledge and research. Readers can expect to dive deep into concepts like:

  • A definition of “Reach Zones”
  • Explaining the various reach zones
  • How to set up and layout a workspace
  • Implementing administration controls

Understanding how reach zones affect workers’ everyday health ensures greater productivity and keeps people out of the doctor’s office.

BOSTONtec is well-placed to provide such a guide. They have three decades of experience in the ergonomic workstations sector. Their modular industrial workbenches adjust seamlessly to a wide variety of work processes and are endlessly flexible. This means owners can adapt the workstation settings and accessories as their requirements evolve.

“BOSTONtec ergonomic workstations excel in heavy-duty environments, are virtually maintenance-free, and offer significant benefits for your business,” Neuschuetz continues. “By optimizing lean processes, improving quality and accuracy, and ensuring employee well-being, you can create a productive and successful work environment. If you’re looking for a new station, I encourage you to contact our support team. They can guide you toward the best options for your specific situation.”

About BOSTONtec Inc:

BOSTONtec is a Michigan-based company that produces high-quality, height-adjustable workstations for the assembly, fulfillment, healthcare, and technology markets. With more than twenty years of design and manufacturing experience, BOSTONtec is the leader in custom and ergonomic modular workstations. All BOSTONtec products are designed and fabricated in Midland, Michigan, and sold worldwide.

Contact Information:

Press Contact: Nina Neuschuetz
Phone Number: 9894960451
Address: BOSTONtec (Michigan, USA)


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