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10 Helpful Tips on Moving to a New City Alone

You’ve got the moves! Roughly 40 million Americans move every year, with 18% of Americans moving out of state. 

Moving to a new city alone can provide you with incredible job and personal opportunities. But it can also be extremely stressful. You can take charge of your moving process once you know the essentials of moving alone. 

What should you do as you’re preparing to move? How can you have fun in your new city? What should you do to meet new people and deal with homesickness? 

Answer these questions and you can make the most out of your amazing move. Here are 10 great moving tips. 

1. Research Your New City

Moving to Seattle is different than moving to Los Angeles or Chicago. You should do your research on what makes your new hometown different from other cities. Go neighborhood by neighborhood and find a place you are comfortable living in. 

Find a few attractions you can visit, including restaurants and nightclubs. You don’t have to go to them right away, but write down their names and try to get to them once you move in.

2. Save Your Money

Moving to a new city is always expensive. Make sure you have money to pay for utilities and groceries once you’ve moved in. You also need to pay for your moving company and supplies, which can cost thousands. 

3. Make Sure Your Job Is Secure

Do not try moving alone if you do not have a stable job. If you’re moving for work, talk to your new boss and work out a schedule so you have enough time to settle in. 

Talk to your clients so they know where you are going and what is happening. You may want to ask other people in your office to handle them while you start the moving process.

4. Plan What You Want to Do

Moving across the country can be hectic. You can make sure you get everything done in a timely fashion by writing a checklist for yourself. 

Put the items you must do at the top of your list, such as packing your bags. Toward the bottom of your list, you can add things you want to do, like visiting tourist attractions. As you accomplish each item, check the item off so you know you have completed it.

5. Start the Moving Process Early

You should plan for a move at least three months in advance. This gives you time to get everything done and lets you make a smooth transition to your new home. 

Make sure everyone in your life knows about your move. Tell your family and friends where your new address is and get their contact information so you can remain in touch. You should also tell government agencies where you will be living so they can contact you easily.

6. Pack Only What You Need

You do not have to move everything you own. In the weeks before moving day, you should sort through your items and set aside the things you do not need. If someone else can make better use of those items than you, you can sell or give them away. 

Talk to your new landlord to see if you will have appliances in your home. You may not need to take the refrigerator or microwave you own with you.

7. Be Outgoing

Once you’ve settled in, you should start connecting with people. Have lunch and coffee with the people in your new office. You can also go to events at your community center or town hall, which can help you learn about important local issues.

If you want to date, you can go to mixers and speed dating events at bars. You can also use dating apps like OkCupid.

8. Explore 

You should give yourself time every day to walk around your city. Go through your neighborhood and see where important buildings are, especially your grocery store and police station. 

You can also visit other parts of your city by riding public transportation. Look out the windows and get acquainted with the architecture and layout of the streets. 

9. Keep a Few Reminders From Your Old Home

You should keep in touch with your loved ones back home. But you can also bring a few mementos with you.

You can take family heirlooms and put them up somewhere in your home, and you can hang up photographs. If you don’t want to bring photographs with you, you can upload them on Facebook or on your computer. You can also bring books about your old town and read them to remind yourself of where you were.

10. Be Ready for Homesickness

It is okay if you feel a little sad or homesick after your move. Don’t blame yourself or get worried if you feel sad. 

Try to channel your emotions into something positive. You can call an old friend, or you can write in a journal about what you are feeling. If you feel constant sadness, you can talk to a therapist. 

Start Moving to a New City Alone

Moving to a new city alone doesn’t have to be complicated. You should spend plenty of time preparing for your move, especially researching the city. Start the moving process sooner rather than later. 

Try to meet as many people as possible within your first few weeks. Get to know your town through nightly walks and transportation rides. Remind yourself of your old town, and embrace the homesickness you feel. 

These tips are essential, but you need more information for a smooth moving process. Read more moving guides by following our coverage.

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