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What ROI Will Your SEO Company Get for You?

Where do you begin to measure your business? Simple…

The Return on Investment (ROI) for business is a collection of metrics used to determine whether the time/money is worth investing for a worthwhile return.

For example — one could calculate the ROI for many activities, including:

  • Time invested in a customer sales call compared to the sale
  • Number of visitors to a website based on link building efforts
  • Sales generated with each advertising push

But what if you want to apply this idea of ROI to an SEO company?

A few things to consider before digging in:

  • Where is the location of your SEO company?
  • What are the provided services?
  • How do they track and report their work to you (the customer)?

Let’s expand further on this idea of using ROI to determine the value of the SEO company.

The Hopeful Ups and Possible Downs of an SEO Campaign

No SEO campaign is perfect.

The amount of time and resources you invest into SEO services will affect the data you’ll be able to collect on the campaigns.

It’s not wise to judge the success of a campaign with a single page reaching the top of search results for its keywords nor do you want to make brash judgments based on a small flux of site visitors.

You have to stay hopeful to the “ups” yet expect the possible “downs” — especially since Google tends to stay quiet about their algorithm updates and changes.

With that said, here are a few factors that go toward ROI which you should question when working with an SEO company:

  • Goals in mind prior to launch to create a baseline
  • Conversions tracked to see true, monetary reward
  • Advertising and marketing channels listed
  • Current (and ongoing) search placement for each keyword/page
  • Reputation & social reach taken into account
  • Industry and marketplace trends

The reports received will be accurate once you are able to hand over this information to the SEO company. The company will have the baseline metrics to report changes and progression.

Every company is different, but…

What to Expect from an SEO Company

Whether you’re hiring your SEO from someone local or going halfway around the world to find SEO companies in Dubai — what matters is a combination of:

A. Experience

B. Customer service

C. Reporting

The experience of the company will show when you are able to ask and receive case studies of their previous clients. It’s important to ask not the results they are able to deliver but whether they can show noticeable change from their efforts.

The customer service is vital for when you’re ready to grow; it keeps you informed to make clear judgments on investing additional resources. You will want a rapport with an SEO company to keep up-to-date but do realize that SEO takes some time to show its ROI (be patient).

The reporting is what matters most because if you don’t know how things are going then you’re throwing money to the wind. The reports should show where your campaign stands compared to the prior months. The company will be able to provide this data — they don’t? Leave them.

As long as you can audit your website and start strong — you should have no issue with maximizing the work put in by the professionals at an SEO company.

What has been your experience with those offering these search engine services?

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