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Writers Research: Know The Different Types of Lawyers

When you’re researching a book and need the on-page services of a lawyer, you want to make sure your character has the right type. Many writers mention a corporate attorney when they need an intellectual property attorney and so forth. There are many types of lawyers and each one has a specialty.

Don’t fall into this trap and learn about the different kinds of lawyers available. Book research is important, and readers will know if you made a mistake. This guide can help you by explaining the common attorney specialties you can use in your book.

Most Common Types of Lawyers: Criminal Attorneys

The most common attorneys seen on television and movies are criminal attorneys. They are prosecutorial and defense attorneys. They’re involved in criminal cases both on the state and federal levels.

If your character breaks a law, then these lawyers are what they need. The prosecuting attorney works for the state or federal government.

They try to prove your character did the crime. They bring the charges against your character after talking with the investigating officers.

The defense attorney is either appointed to the victim by the court or hired by the defendant. Their goal is to prove your character’s innocence or at least provide reasonable doubt.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Is your character injured in a car accident or injured due to the negligence of a person or company? They’ll need a personal injury lawyer.

They are civil lawyers. Their goal is to prove that your character’s injury was caused by through negligence and not through their fault.

They seek a financial settlement that covers money lost due to your character’s inability to work and money for the emotional toll of the injury. Many times, a personal injury attorney takes a percentage of the financial settlement rather than an upfront cost.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Is your character’s debt load too much or a company’s debt is high? They can declare bankruptcy to either have the debt dissolved or restructured under the supervision of a bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy lawyer works with your character or company to list the debt and have it dissolved or restructured. They work with the court and lawyers hired by the creditors to resolve the debt situation in your character’s best interest.

Special Appearance Lawyer

Lawyers are busy and often work on several cases at once. They can’t be everywhere and visit every special appearance. When another lawyer outside of the primary lawyer represents their client, that lawyer is a special appearance attorney.

Examples when your character would need a special appearance lawyer are mediations and arbitrations, independent medical examinations, landlord/ tenant law, and DUI cases. There are many instances when your character needs a special appearance lawyer is needed.

Use the Best Lawyer for the Job

There are many different types of lawyers, but these are some of the most common used in books, movies, and television. This should make your book research easier. If you’d like to learn more about lawyer specialties, then explore our website.

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