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Wondering When to Replace Your Windows? 5 Warning Signs That It’s Time

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Have you been wondering when to replace your windows? There are some obvious warning signs that it’s time. Here are 5 critical things to look for.

Our homes may not be able to talk to us but they can whisper clues when things aren’t quite right and need an upgrade.

Windows that let in noticeable drafts may be murmuring a hint that we need to take action.

And that’s where we step in. We’re going to share with you the top five warning signs to help you know when to replace your windows.

1. High Energy Bills

Windows let in light but they can also let out valuable warmth or coolness. That can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills.

Try this simple test. Burn a candle close to the frames and move it around each corner of the window, including those in patio doors. If it flickers then you’ll know that drafts are coming in through your windows.

Consider upgrading them to something more modern. This will keep the heat in during Winter and mean your air conditioner is more efficient in the Summer.

2. Unreliable Closing Mechanisms

Check each window around the house for a smooth opening and closing operation.

If you have to use force to open them, or if they’re jammed shut though paint or swelling, then the time has come to replace them.

Opening your windows should not feel like a daily battle. Your windows should open and close effortlessly.

3. Decaying Frames and Leaky Windows

Decaying window frames should always be removed with new ones fitted. Moisture damage can lead to even more decay and serious safety issues.

Your windows may also be leaking so badly that they leave puddles of water on your floor. Warmer weather might cure this in the short term but not forever.

Moisture can fuel the growth of mold which can cause allergies and other health problems.

4. Soundproofing Problems

Stand by your windows and listen. If you can clearly hear traffic noise from far away then they may not be providing sufficient acoustic insulation.

This can have a serious impact on the sense of peace and quiet you have in your home.

New energy efficient windows will absorb sound waves before they get into your home.

5. Fading Colors

You’ve started to notice that your rugs, furniture, and curtains have begun to fade.

This could be because your windows have single pane glass. It’s not great at keeping out the UV rays from sunlight that can dull colors.

Now is the time to replace your windows with a newer specially designed variety of window. These will be energy efficient and help maintain the original colors of your furnishings.

Knowing When to Replace Your Windows

Our guide offers you a real window of opportunity to save money in the long term. Understanding when to replace your windows could lead to lower energy bills and help with that all important sale if you’re thinking of moving on.

We are there to help you get the most from your home. Do get in touch with us for a free estimate on all the services we offer.

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