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The Best Entertainment Apps to Instantly Cure Boredom

In the US, 96% of people own a cellphone.

But, what use is a cellphone without fun, entertaining apps? If you’re feeling bored, then it’s time to peruse the app store. 

In this article, we’ll show you the best entertainment apps to download ASAP if you’re stuck with nothing else to do. 

1. Watching Your Favorite Show on Netflix

If you have a Netflix account, then it’s definitely worth downloading this entertaining app for free. 

If you’re going on a long train journey or commuting to work every day, then having your favorite TV shows downloaded offline is the best way to pass the time. 

Check out brilliant shows such as Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, BoJack Horseman, and Russian Doll!

A basic Netflix subscription costs just $8.99 per month and you can watch as much TV as you want. How could you possibly be bored with so many shows to peruse?

2. Start Dancing with Tik Tok

No, it’s not just for young teenagers. More and more people are making the leap to this social media platform and are enjoying what they’re finding! 

If you used to enjoy Vine, then Tik Tok is the best way to pass your time. You may even choose to join in and start recording yourself trying out some of the viral Tik Tok dances.

3. Learn a New Skill on Duolingo 

Have you always dreamed of traveling the world? If so, there’s no better skill to learn than a new language!

Duolingo turns the act of learning a language into a fun game. Whenever you’re bored, open this app and start challenging yourself. 

Learning a language can reduce your risk of dementia and boosts your multi-tasking skills! Better yet, this app is completely free to use.

4. Sing Your Heart out with Smule

Do you love singing? Then this is the perfect app for you so long as you have a private place to let loose! It used to be called Sing! Karaoke.  

You’ll be able to be sociable and sing along to your favorite tunes. You’ll receive a free week trial when you first download this app. 

If you simply can’t get enough of this live music, then check out these party bands!

5. Build a World on The Battle of Polytopia

Are you bored of singing, learning a language, and watching TV? Then it’s time to nerd out and download The Battle of Polytopia.

This game app is a world-building, strategy game that enables you to lead a tribe, capture cities, and conquer Polytopia. It’s good fun and very addictive! Better yet, it’s free to download.

These Are the Best Entertainment Apps

When it comes to avoiding boredom, you’ll certainly enjoy at least one of these with these apps. 

The best entertainment apps will keep you hooked for hours on end. Just make sure you have a good phone to play them on and you can’t go wrong! 

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