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Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective: New Name, Same Quality

Diego Tattoo Gallery has changed their name to Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective.


San Diego, CA, July 11, 2022— The best San Diego Tattoo Shop has changed its name! Diego Tattoos is now Wolf and Shadow tattoo Collective.

The name change was inspired by an Aesop Fable, The Wolf and the Shadow.

In this story, a small wolf catches a glimpse of his own oversized shadow. Foolishly, he believes he is much larger in stature as a result. This false sense of invincibility leads to cockiness, which inevitably leads to a hard lesson learned.

“This fable resonates with us. The tattoo industry is full of wonderfully talented people. And also, there are some wolves beating their chest and gatekeeping the community. Unfortunately, those voices have historically been the face of our industry. At Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective, we are dedicated to removing the ego from tattooing. We treat everyone that walks in the door as equals,” said one Wolf and Shadow artist.

The term ‘tattoo collective’ is included in the name because the team celebrates and welcomes the many different artists that make Wolf and Shadow the great business it is.

“Our team is everything. Our artists are happy to work here and we believe this inevitably gives our clients a better experience,” said the owner of Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective.

With seven different artists, Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective offers a wide array of tattoo possibilities for their customers. The team prides themselves on their attention to detail, as well as their dedication to their clients.

“The skill these guys have is incomparable. They have found a customer for life with me,” said one satisfied customer.

Looking to get a tattoo? Be sure to check out all the different artists in order to find the right fit. While walk-ins are accommodated when possible, it is best to call ahead to schedule a consultation. After that, you are all set!

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out Wolf and Shadow today!

About Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective:

Whether it’s your first time in a tattoo shop, or you are a seasoned collector, Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective [formerly known as Diego Tattoo Gallery] is for you! Our artists utilize cutting-edge styles and techniques to ensure that you go home with a unique and impressive piece of body art. There is no tattoo too large or too small, or too strange for that matter, for our artists. Bring us your wackiest, most wonderful, sentimental, or nonsensical ideas! We will welcome it all and be sure to pair you with an artist that can bring your vision to life. Our shop is a laid-back environment with plenty of eclectic custom art to admire. We focus on promoting a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of our clients. We want you to feel like you belong here, even if it’s your first time getting ink.

Contact Information:

Cari Wolf
Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective
3434 University Ave. Suite A San Diego, Ca 92104

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