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Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

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Research has shown that 54% of home buyers would pay more for hardwood floors. Many people believe that carpet is dirty and don’t want to walk around on it.

The real problem is not the carpet itself, it is the lack of cleaning that carpet gets. Professional carpet cleaning is the only real way to clean your carpet and give it a fresh start.

This is why so many people look at the carpet and think that it takes away from the home. Things like pet odors and stains can make the carpet very unappealing.

Keep reading to find out if professional carpet cleaning can remove pet odors and pet urine.

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Smells?

If your home has carpet and you have pets, chances are you have run into some issues. Your pets may have urinated on the carpet or given it a strange smell.

This is a common problem since carpets can absorb strong odors. If your dog is always laying on the carpet, it is very likely that the carpet will start to smell like a dog.

If your animal has urinated on the carpet, this creates a more serious issue. Not only do you have the smell, but you also have the stain to deal with.

The good news is that pet odors can be removed from the carpet with professional carpet cleaning. This is really the only way to remove pet stains and odors for good.

Professional carpet cleaning services are going to have the supplies that are needed for this job. You may try DIY options, but they usually do more harm than good.

Carpet cleaners are going to have odor neutralizers and cleaning machines to get the job done.

Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Urine?

If you are dealing with pet urine and not just a smelly carpet, this makes the job more difficult. Pet urine can soak deep into the carpet fibers and create an issue.

This creates a strong and unpleasant smell as well as a dark brown or yellow stain. If you have tried to remove this yourself, you may have even made the problem worse.

Professional carpet cleaning services are able to fix this problem for you. You will need to make sure you call them as soon as you can since old stains may be permanent.

Carpet cleaning in Chicago provides the ability to remove these tough areas. The carpet will be cleaned as well as sanitized so that no smell lingers.

Why Should You Hire Carpet Cleaners for Pet Odors?

You may be wondering why you should invest in carpet cleaning in Chicago. After all, pet stains or a smelly carpet may not bother you.

There are more issues with having a dirty carpet that you should consider. This is a large part of your home, and it needs to be up kept so that you have a clean and safe environment.

Selling the Home

If you plan on selling your home, you need to have the carpet cleaned. Things like pet odors and visible signs of pet waste are going to be a strong turn-off.

Buyers are not going to have a good impression of your home if this is the first thing they see and smell. They also may not want to clean the carpet themselves if they decide to buy the home.

Pet Urinated

Pet urine can be a serious concern if you are exposed to it. It is one thing to have your animals go potty outside, but if they do this indoors, you will be exposed to it daily.

Even if you think you cleaned it from your carpet, you most likely didn’t even scratch the surface. Urine can soak deep into the carpet and be infected with bacteria and odors.

Unless you hire carpet cleaners, this urine is most likely here to stay. You may forget about it, but there will always be a slight odor and a slight staying in that area without professional cleaning.

You Have Children

If you have young children, cleaning your carpet should be a priority. Children usually crawl all over the floor and may even pick things out of the carpet and put them in their mouths.

So much bacteria and debris live in the carpet if it is not maintained. You don’t want to expose your children to this and risk damaging their immune systems.

This is especially important if you have pets since their odor and hair are most likely in the carpet. If there is any pet waste on the carpet, you should get it cleaned immediately.

Those With Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you may realize what an impact carpet can have on the symptoms. Carpet has the ability to hold onto all kinds of dust and allergens that could be irritating.

Especially if you have pets, these allergens are going to stick around in your home for a long time. There is really no way to completely clean them out using DIY carpet cleaning options.

Instead, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning to take care of this for you. It would be best to have them clean your carpet a few times each year so that it does not build up.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Pet Smells

If your carpet has started to smell like your pets, you may not know what to do. Professional carpet cleaning is the answer to this so that your carpet can feel fresh and new again.

Do you want to have your carpet cleaned of any unpleasant odors? Contact us today at Carpet Cleaning Group for residential carpet cleaning in Chicago.

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