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Manage your emails with Clariti’s multiple inboxes

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Whether you like it or not, 293 billion emails are sent and received each day. We all play different roles in our work and most of the time one email account is not enough to handle different types of correspondence. So, most of us end up having multiple email accounts. It gets complicated when these email accounts are spread over different email systems like your corporate email, gmail, hotmail and what have you. Switching between different email accounts throughout the day is time consuming and it is easy for messages to fall through the cracks.

That is why we created Clariti, a unified communication system, where you can consolidate email accounts in one place. It will not only help you manage all your emails from one place, but can also do additional activities like chat from email, flag, instant share, create a to-do or group related information into topic-based threads.

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Let’s see how Clariti helps you to deal with multiple inboxes.

All inboxes in one place:

Using Clariti, just add your email accounts and start getting all of your emails in one place. Having all inboxes in one place is a great way to combat the email overload and save the hassle of having to check multiple inboxes several times a day just to make sure, you don’t miss an email. Moreover, you don’t have to remember all the passwords to check emails.

Flag your emails

You can flag your most important emails within Clariti. This feature means emails won’t be lost in your inbox and you won’t forget about your most important communications.

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Create to-do from emails

Since email is at the forefront of business communication, it’s no surprise that many of your tasks live in our inbox. Whenever you receive an email that requires further action, all you have to do is create a to-do or an event and it’ll instantly appear in your calendar.

Organize your emails with Threads

As soon as you receive an email from your client or customer, you can immediately start chatting with your internal stakeholders regarding the topic. When you chat, your colleagues will be able to see all the contents of the email that is related to the chat. You can share documents, exchange emails and set yourself reminder to-dos from Clariti. As you continue the conversations, Clariti will automatically link all the related communication in a topic thread. You can name the thread based on the topic that you are discussing. In Clariti, the ability to organize all your emails using Threads enables you to stay organized, even if you are managing multiple email accounts from one place.

Instant share

Clariti provides a powerful feature to share an email with other Clariti contacts instantly. So, you can avoid forwarding the email. Sharing is much more secure and faster than forwarding.

Unified search option

In Clariti, when you have multiple email accounts and need to find information in one of those accounts, you don’t want to have to search each account individually. Having all emails in one place comes with the benefit of being able to search through all of your different accounts at once.

Though there are many free webmail systems like Gmail which organize emails into threads, they don’t include other related conversations and actions in the same thread. While you can group emails based on subject all other conversations and actions that you have had using Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks that are related on the same subject remain separate in their own silos.

This is because, these services are not part of the original Gmail and are available as integrations. Using Clariti, you need not waste your valuable time switching between different apps for email, chat, calls, social feeds, to-do etc. You can do everything from one app and have them connected intelligently in topic-based threads, ensuring there are no information silos.

We hope the above Clariti features will help you to manage multiple emails more efficiently and become more productive at work. Sign up for Clariti today and stay on top of all your inboxes.

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