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Will a non-fault accident affect my insurance

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A question commonly asked, yet one which only usually comes to mind in the circumstance – Will a non-fault accident affect my insurance?

If at present you’re searching for information about non-fault accidents and wondering will a non-fault accident affect my insurance, it’s likely that you may have found yourself in this situation.

Rightly so at this point; wondering does a no fault accident affect your insurance is a very sensible question to be asking because the short answer is: It depends. But it certainly can do, yes.

A non-fault accident can and may have an effect on your car insurance, but the main factor that contributes to this is: Which route you choose to go down after the accident. 

  • Option One: Calling your own insurance company first after the accident – this is the option that will likely affect your insurance most in a negative way.
  • Option Two: Contacting a Credit Hire company first after a non-fault accident: This option will help to avoid as much effect as possible on your insurance and is the most beneficial option for drivers who find themselves not at fault.

If you are the non-fault driver in a road traffic accident, it isn’t a fair outcome if you should have to face a range of consequences from an accident that you were not the cause of.

For this reason, the accident management market has provided a valuable, outsourced and independent claims handling solution since the 1980’s. This is referred to as either Accident Claims Management, Accident Management or also Credit Hire.

The answer to will a non-fault accident affect my insurance comes down to which option you choose as your next step.

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