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Why Is My Dishwasher Leaking?

Are you facing a large water bill this month despite your rigorous dishwashing? Is your dishwasher leaking every time you run it? Chances are, your dishwasher has developed a severe problem that needs to address.

In recent memory, problem leaks have crept into the mainstream of dishwashers. The leaks are often minor and won’t necessarily cause flooding inside or outside the machine. A leaking dishwasher during use can cause water damage.

But how do you know if your dishwasher is experiencing a leaking problem? Read on to find out!

Poor Drainage

A dishwasher can leak for various reasons, but poor drainage is one of the most common causes. A clogged sink drain filter, inadequate drainage hose, improper dishwasher connection, or a broken drain hose can cause poor drainage. If there is not enough air pressure to pump water out of the dishwasher, it can leak during or after the cycle has finished.

Poor drainage can also cause flooding inside the dishwasher, as the dirty water cannot exit the dishwasher. Also, poor drainage and other causes of dishwasher leakage include:

  • A damaged float switch
  • Loose plumbing connectors
  • A broken drain valve
  • A worn pump seal

Faulty Gasket or Seal

A faulty gasket or seal is a common cause of dishwasher leaks. Gaskets, or seals, are designed to keep water and moisture inside the dishwasher while running a cycle. When the seal begins to wear or crack over time, it can become loose and let water out of the dishwasher.

Inspect the gasket or seal around the door of the dishwasher. It likely needs to replace if it is hard, brittle, worn, or cracked. It’s essential to replace it with a new one.

It will ensure that the dishwasher is sealed correctly, preventing future leaks. If you’re unable to identify the source of the leak, it’s best to contact an appliance repair, parts and service that can investigate and fix the problem.

Not Securely Attached

One possible cause could be that the dishwasher is not securely attached to the countertop or cabinet, causing water to spill out of the dishwasher if this is the case. Inspecting the seal between the dishwasher and the countertop or cabinet is essential to ensure it is secure and properly seated.

It is also essential to check the connection between the dishwasher hose and the drain pipe to ensure they are tight and not leaking. If either of these connections is loose, you should tighten them. If they are damaged, you should replace them to prevent future and more significant water damage.

Common Causes of Dishwasher Leaking

It’s essential to ensure that a dishwasher is fixed if it’s leaking. When this issue is ignored, it can lead to costly repairs or damage to the kitchen. A professional dishwasher repair company should consult when dealing with dishwasher leaking.

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