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5 Reasons to Choose a Military Boarding School Instead of a Traditional Boarding School

Your child’s schooling will have a major impact on how well he succeeds later in life. Unfortunately, a lot of schools, both public and private, don’t meet the same rigorous standards and high expectations you may have for your child. That’s why today, many parents are turning to military boarding schools to ensure their sons get an immersive experience that provides them not only with a top-quality education but with important social and emotional advantages as well. Unlike many traditional boarding schools, military boarding schools are known for their rigorous academic offerings, as well as the deep sense of camaraderie they instill. If you’re considering boarding school for your child, here are five ways a military boarding school outshines a traditional boarding school experience.

1. Structured environment

Military boarding schools believe strongly in providing a structured environment for students, including a daily schedule that features academics, competitive sports and character-building activities. Students who attend military boarding schools become experts in time management, leadership, and organization. Military boarding schools have specific time schedules for classes, meals, inspections, formations, homework, physical activity, and of course, relaxing. Students are also expected to keep their rooms neat and to maintain good personal grooming habits routines that help every student develop a deep level of self-discipline.

2. Academic excellence

Military schools prepare students for the rigors of college and university studies by imparting a drive for success along with an interest in learning and understanding. Academic competition helps all students strive to do their best in every class and at every grade level. And of course, established study schedules and daily routines prove invaluable in a college atmosphere where students must learn how to manage their own time effectively to succeed. What’s more, choosing a military boarding school for boys offers other advantages. Studies show that boys learn differently than girls; in a boarding school for boys, academics and other activities are tailored to the unique ways boys learn. Plus, boys’ boarding schools dramatically reduce distractions and peer pressure. Students in middle school and high school respond especially well to a more focused environment that supports academic excellence as well as personal growth.

3. Discipline and core values

Military schools have strong core values and a rigorous code of conduct that builds character. Students know what’s expected of them right from the moment of enrollment, and they also understand the importance of the principles they’re expected to uphold. Those core values include important lifelong principles such as respect for themselves and others, self-discipline, integrity and honor, perseverance, goal setting, and achievement, among others.

4. Commitment to service
At a military boarding school, students learn to value service to others. A deep commitment to service is important for building strong character and for instilling leadership principles and the development of engaged citizenship. A history of public service activity provides students with considerable advantages when applying to colleges and universities, and even when choosing a career and applying for a job later in life.

5. Dedication to building leaders
Military boarding schools are recognized for their ability to create strong leaders. During their regular routines, cadets are provided with opportunities to lead on a regular basis. Peer leadership training enables boys to lead by example and it also teaches students the importance of working as part of a team. Students are taught the value of good judgment, communication, decision-making, goal setting, consistency, dignity, and compassion when leading others – all skills that help prepare boys for strong leadership roles in the future.
Riverside Military Academy offers boys in grades 7 through 12 a comprehensive learning experience in a safe, stimulating environment that lets young men achieve their full potential. With more than 500 cadets representing over 30 nations and 30 states, Riverside Military provides its students with a challenging academic experience that builds confidence and self-esteem while preparing its graduates for exciting futures. To find out more information about Riverside Military Academy, or to learn what your son can expect as a cadet, fill out our form to request additional information or to schedule a tour of our 200-acre campus.

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