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Why Food Delivery is So Popular in the United States

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Over 60% of Americans order delivery or takeout at least once a week, and the food delivery industry is expected to be a $32 billion industry by 2024. That’s right. $32 billion. Just a couple years ago, food delivery was largely isolated to pizza and Chinese takeout, yet now we’re seeing a boom in food delivery orders from a large range of restaurants serving all types of cuisine. In fact, online ordering is quickly becoming the norm for many people. So the question is, what makes these food delivery services so popular among consumers? 

Food Delivery is Convenient 

With the rise of new technologies, individuals can quickly order food and have it delivered to their door in less time than it would take to physically go to the restaurant and pick it up. With just a couple of taps on your phone screen, you can have a fresh meal delivered to you in little time. 

People can order food at essentially any time of the day without having to leave their house and spend time traveling to and from the restaurant. People live busy lives and having a meal delivered in less than an hour from ordering, allows them to catch up on work they have to finish, spend time with family or just enjoy the novelty of not leaving their house.  

Fast delivery times are not the only incentive for ordering food online. Nearly 61% of people claim food delivery services are easy to use. These online ordering systems speed up the ordering process and allow customers to avoid potentially waiting in long lines at the physical restaurant. 

The convenience of fast delivery times and easy online ordering are two of the largest factors in why so many people opt to use food delivery services. 

Food Delivery Allows for Customization

Sometimes people don’t realize they might want to customize their meal when ordering in person at a restaurant. However, food delivery services make it easy for people to add, remove or modify items on their order. The simple, user-friendly ordering services walk customers through the menu and allow those individuals to tailor each meal to fit their desires.

Ordering online eliminates the potential pressure to quickly place an order when standing in the physical restaurant, and customers enjoy taking their time to modify their menu choices from the comfort of their own home. 

Food Delivery Offers Customers Rewards and Benefits

A key advantage of online ordering is that customers can earn rewards points and benefits if they consistently order from a restaurant. VIP programs and bonus points that lead to a discounted or free order incentivize people to continue using food delivery and online ordering. People like free food or discounts on future orders and continue ordering online to reap the benefits of using delivery services. 

These perks keep people happy and make them feel like food delivery is worth investing in because they are a valued customer and they save money on food and save on gas too. 

Food Delivery Makes it Simple to Pay and Track Orders

Food delivery services accept a multitude of payment options like credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more. With all of these options, customers can find a form of payment that fits their needs. Mobile ordering can also save payment information for future orders and speed up the process of paying and receiving those orders. Some restaurant apps may even save your order history so you can just choose the same order for this new order, if you’d like. 

Once a customer places their order, they can immediately track not only the progress of their order from when the restaurant received the order and began making it, but also when the order left the restaurant and will arrive at their house. 

GPS services allow customers to track the driver’s location and give them an estimated time of arrival. This real-time tracking system sets customers at ease and gives them confidence in the restaurant and food delivery services.  

Food Delivery Allows For Contactless Delivery 

The food delivery industry saw its largest growth in 2020 due to COVID-19 and those growth trends don’t appear to be declining. One of the key benefits of online ordering is that customers don’t have to interact with others and can keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. Even as the spread of the pandemic slows down, people still enjoy minimal contact with others, and food delivery offers a barrier for those who wish to maintain distance. 

Contactless delivery is also useful when people want to send food to others as a gift. Having food dropped off at someone’s house with little interruption is a nice way to let people know you’re thinking about them, and customers enjoy the non intrusive form of gift giving.  

How Esmeralda’s 2.0 Uses Food Delivery

At Esmeralda’s 2.0, we value our customers and their desire for online ordering. We offer delivery through in-house services which makes it simple for our customers to place, track and receive their orders. You can also earn and redeem reward points by ordering online. 

Our delivery services span the suburbs of Eureka from Humboldt Hill, King Salmon, Fields Landing, Ridgewood, Cutten, Freshwater and even Manila. 

Be sure to visit us online to find out more about our delivery services

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