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Why and How to Get Black Mold Out of Your Home

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Did you know that a beautiful rug can make a great focal point in every room in your home? If you do not want to change up your furniture or buy an expensive painting, then a rug may be the perfect accessory to bring attention to your space.

Like all types of flooring, rugs require regular maintenance. Would you like to learn all about oriental rug cleaning? Here are some ways to make sure that you keep your rug pristine.

Vacuum Your Rug

Before you bring in any liquid cleaner, you should ensure that you lift crumbs, dust, and other grime from your rug through vacuuming. This way, you can go in with an oriental rug cleaner and scrub out the deeper dirt.

If you vacuum regularly and do not have children or pets, you may not need to take extra steps to have a clean oriental rug. Evaluate how your rug looks following a good vacuum to see if it requires more intense cleaning.

Wash the Material

When you learn how to clean an oriental rug, you should make sure you know how to wash it. You should always stick to washing by hand for delicate material, gently enough so that it does not damage the rug.

For hardier textures, you can use a steam cleaner. These types of cleaners do most of the work for you, and all you have to do is load it up with a mix of water and carpet cleaner. They extract deep stains from all types of rugs.

Clean Based on the Type of Stain

You may need to get out the occasional stain in between rug cleanings. You should have the right supplies on hand for spot carpet cleaning, depending on what you spill on your oriental rug.

For example, if you get mud on your carpet, a great tip for carpet cleaning is to let the mud dry, then gently lift it out of the carpet. However, for makeup, you need to use rubbing alcohol instead.

Get Some Materials Professionally Cleaned

If you have a large mess on your oriental rug or it has been a while since the last cleaning, it may be the best idea to leave it up to the professionals. They will return a clean oriental rug to you, with much less hassle on your part.

You can also hire a company to come and clean your flooring in your home, so you will not have to drop off your rug. Then you will come home to sparkling floors and rugs that are exactly where you left them.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Should Be Easy

When you buy the perfect rug, you should not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining it. With these tips and tricks, your oriental rug cleaning process will go smoothly every time.

Want more information on how to keep your home up to your standards? Please take a look around our site for answers to all of your questions.

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