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5 Smartphone Apps that Will Make Wedding Planning a Snap

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Planning your wedding? Congrats!

This time is exciting but as you’ve probably already discovered, hectic.

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times and could even cause arguments between you and your partner.

Not to worry! There are several apps that can help streamline the planning process and keep you organized and on track.

These can even help make the planning process more enjoyable.

Read on to learn about the 5 best wedding planning apps to help you plan your big day.


Think of this one as your digital wedding planner. But instead of spending half your budget on a human-to-do-list, you get an online one for free.

Wedding Happy takes your wedding info like date and budget and builds a customized schedule and checklist that leads you up until the day-of. The app reminds you when it’s time to check things off a list, schedule vendors and make payments.

It also tracks your budget so you know how much you’ve spent and on what.

You can also sync this app with other users like your partner, parents or maid of honor so they can be looped too.


This app does much of the same thing as the previous one listed but it takes things a step further.

Here, you can keep track of all your vendors from your caterer to your wedding photographer.  You’ll know who you’ve hired, what they cost, and when you need to pay them.  You can even take notes on conversations with them within the app so you have all the information in one place.

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Here you can also keep track of RSVPs and work on seating charts.


Speaking of seating charts, the Table Plan app allows you to forget those post-it’s and paper diagrams and digitally decide how you want your seating arrangements to look.

You can add as many guests as you like into the app and move them around the tables at your whim to see who works best where.

This app can save you a ton of time when it comes to sitting down to complete the seating chart.


This can be an especially helpful app for the bride as she decides on a wedding gown, rehearsal dinner outfit and wedding band.

Wedding Lookbook lets you search from a curated group of dresses and more. Get inspired by the options available and save them directly in the app.

Think of it as Pinterest but for strictly all things wedding related. This is a great place to find flower girl dresses and bridesmaid attire as well.


Now that you’re organized and on track, it’s time to get some gifts!

Zola is the hottest wedding registry app and site around. It allows you to register items from multiple retailers and it can all be done online.

Gone are the days of heading to the department store and scanning the china you want.

With Zola, you aren’t stuck having to choose items from just one store. You can pretty much get whatever you want from wherever you want it.

All items will pop up on Zola as things your guests can select from the site and it will track what’s been purchased and who bought it for you. They then connect with the retailer to process the order and have it delivered.

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With the list above, you’re one step closer to planning your dream wedding and making the process more enjoyable.

Staying organized and on track with the best wedding planning apps is one of the most difficult things people planning a wedding have to manage. After all, there’s so much to think about in order to execute your vision.

Be sure to check out more from our Guide section to see how else we can help.

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