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Freshen Up Your Interiors: Ideas For A Stunning Spring Makeover

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If the arrival of spring has got you thinking about freshening up your interiors and overseeing a mini makeover, you’ve come to the right place! As temperatures start to rise and the sun sets later, why not take these ideas on board to create a stunning spring home?

Spring colorways and painting

Painting walls and adapting colorways are great ways to revamp interiors and celebrate new seasons without spending a fortune. As the mercury rises and days become longer and brighter, why not lighten up your walls and introduce some spring shades? You can choose to add color to your walls or to lift neutral shades with flashes of color using accessories and wall art. Light tones are ideally suited to small spaces.

Popular spring shades include pastel tones, sorbet colors and crisp neutrals. You can also add patterns and prints, with florals and botanical designs an excellent choice. If you are choosing paint colors, try testers before you decide which tone to go for, and think about the size of the room and its primary purpose. For areas that are used to relax, for example, bedrooms, opt for soothing shades that will help you unwind. Light gray, duck egg blue and white work brilliantly for serene sanctuaries. If you do have plain walls, you can introduce colored accents using soft furnishings like cushions, blankets, rugs and throws and decorative accessories, for example, candleholders, vases and plant pots, lampshades and photo frames.

If you’re painting your walls yourself, it’s well worth taking the time to prepare the surface in advance to ensure a smooth finish. Wipe the walls, sand them down, and make sure you have enough paint before you start. Lay down dust sheets to protect flooring and furniture and wear old clothes. Let the first coat of paint dry fully before applying another layer. If you’re covering a dark shade with a lighter paint color, you may need several coats.

Cool kitchen design ideas

If you fancy sprucing up your kitchen without taking on a major remodel, there are various options available. As well as painting the walls and switching your accessories to carry new themes, trends or colors, you could also replace the flooring, update the furniture, look at different quartz countertop colors or paint your units. Swapping a dark wood floor for light wood or vinyl and painting the walls in a light, neutral shade will create the illusion of more space, while choosing a different countertop will give your kitchen a luxe edge. As spring gets into full swing, it’s also wise to jump on the decluttering, tidying and cleaning bandwagon. Decluttering can turn a cramped, dark kitchen into an open, bright, inviting space. If you don’t have much room in the kitchen, use innovative storage solutions like pull-out drawers and wall-mounted shelves and racks to free up floor and counter space.

A change of season always brings new trends. If you’re looking for inspiration for a kitchen revamp this spring, why not consider monochrome, painted cabinets or two-tone colors? These are some of the hottest kitchen trends for spring 2020.

Maximizing natural light

When you think of spring, it’s natural to conjure up images of bright blue skies, sunshine and hazy evenings. While many of us love to embrace coziness in the winter, spring is a chance to bring light into our homes and add a crisp, fresh feel. Decluttering is an excellent way to maximize space, and you can also make rooms seem bigger and brighter by adjusting the layout to make the most of views out of windows and doors, hanging mirrors on the wall and choosing light colors for the walls. Angle your furniture, for example, sofas and chairs, towards windows and French doors and open the curtains wide as soon as you get up in the morning. Avoid blocking natural light with furniture and consider adding an extra window or installing a skylight or a roof lantern if you have a room that is very dark.

Adding greenery

One of the best ways to embrace spring vibes and breathe new life into your home is adding greenery. Houseplants are easy to care for, and they offer aesthetic benefits, as well as advantages for your health and wellbeing. Potted plants, vases of foliage and succulents look beautiful, and plants are also proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and promote calm. Depending on how much space you have available, and the kind of look you’re going for, you can choose from tiny plants to adorn kitchen shelves to huge indoor plants that will provide a fantastic focal point in your living room, hallway or study. You can also add hanging baskets, planters and trees, such as olive and bay trees, to revamp porches and patios.

Accessories and finishing touches

Accessories are a fabulous way to add color and introduce new trends to your home. Spring is often associated with pastels and bright colors, so why not use accessories in yellow, pink, green, orange or turquoise to lift white walls and create a more vibrant aesthetic? Splashes of color are ideal for cool, modern kitchens, retro dining rooms and chic, minimalist living spaces. Match the color with the tones you’ve chosen for your walls and soft furnishings. Yellow works perfectly with gray, black and white, for example. If you’re looking to transform a room on a budget, it’s worth shopping around for items like lamps, vases, pictures and mirrors. If you see a product you like in a glossy magazine, for example, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to source a very similar item for a much lower price by shopping online or visiting discount stores.

Do you fancy sprucing up your interiors for spring? If you’re short on inspiration, or you have a tight budget, hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought. From simple touches like adding splashes of color using accessories and plants to painting walls and switching kitchen counter tops, there are endless ways to freshen up your decor.

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