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Home renovations are a great way to update an existing space while adding value to your property. One easy way to transform a cramped, closed-off space is by replacing a wall with accordion glass doors. Accordion doors feature multiple beams and glass panels that fold to one side or open in the middle and fold out to each side. These style doors can be used to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces to reveal one large living space.

If you’re looking for a simple yet impactful way to change the entire aesthetic of your home, then you’ll want to install accordion patio doors during your next home improvement project.

Why Choose Folding Glass Doors?

Accordion-style doors are most commonly used for closet doors and linen closets. By taking this popular style and implementing it outdoors, you can elevate your living experience without compromising. Traditional sliding glass doors are beautiful, especially our Contemporary Clad Sliding Doors,  but you can’t fully slide them out of the way unless you install them as pocket or hidden doors, which requires a lot of wall space.

With accordion glass doors, you can stack all of the glass panels to one side to create an open and limitless aesthetic. By installing exterior accordion doors, you have the ability to seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor living environments in a way that feels intentional and elevates your home value.

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How Much do Accordion Doors Cost?

The price point on accordion glass doors varies because there are standard and custom options available. Other factors that determine the price of accordion doors include material choice, glaze options, configurations, and standard versus thermally controlled systems. LaCantina folding door systems can be customized to meet both your aesthetic and performance needs.

It’s important to consider your environment when creating an accordion door system because upgrades, such as Neat Glass, can lower the required maintenance and improve energy efficiency, which is perfect for those in costal environments. If you live in an extreme hot or cold environment, a thermally controlled system will provide you with maximum protection from the elements.

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Benefits of Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion doors can add value to your home and improve the overall aesthetics of your property. There are multiple benefits to installing folding doors during a home renovation.

Increased Return on Investment

Most homebuyers are looking for homes with an open layout and indoor-outdoor living spaces. By installing accordion doors, you can improve your living experience and attract buyers when you put your home on the market.

Improved Air Flow and Circulation

In temperate climates, accordion doors can be used to regulate the temperature inside your home. Opening the doors all the way allows a nice breeze and fresh air to circulate throughout the space. This ability to control interior temperature can help you stay comfortable year-round without having to alter your thermostat.

Integrated Living Spaces

Merging interior and exterior living spaces creates an open layout that’s inviting and spacious. With accordion doors, you can seamlessly move from your living room to your patio. These style doors are great for those who enjoy entertaining and being closer to surrounding nature.

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Accordion Doors can Elevate any Home

If you enjoy a fresh breeze, unobstructed views, and indoor-outdoor living spaces, consider installing a folding door system from LaCantina. Our folding doors can be customized to meet your needs and we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. To learn more about how to choose the best materials, glass options, and door systems for your home, visit our interactive gallery here. You can also browse our entire collection of folding doors here.

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