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Packing Cubes Just Got Cool

It’s a traveller’s worst nightmare. Arriving at the luggage carousel to find your suitcase has burst its seams, sending your undies on a merry-go-round of mortification. Or perhaps your luggage makes it in one piece, only to be manhandled by a gruff customs official. The horror as they unzip your case, its contents regurgitated in a jumble of dirty laundry, charging cables and busted souvenirs.

It’s enough to put you off travelling for life. But there’s a smarter way to get your smalls from Sydney to Stuttgart via Singapore and back again. With Zoomlite’s new designer print packing cubes, your gear will be as organised as a fisherman’s tackle box, with the style cred of a Hollywood red carpet.


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Fun and Funky

I like my holidays in monotone, said no one ever. Travelling comes in a kaleidoscope of colour – it’s about adventure, fun, excitement, wonder – memories made in 50 shades of grandiose. That’s why we’re doing away with beige and pimping up our packing cells in a bevy of vibrant colours that reflect the personalities and pursuits of their owners. Are you a beach bum who fancies our palm tree design? Or are zooming aeroplanes more how you fly? Whatever your taste, we’ve got a print that puts you firmly in the picture.

Family, it’s Time for a Trial Separation

Ever fancied wearing your dad’s jocks? No, we didn’t think so. And with our striking printed cubes you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing baggage bungles again, because there’s a design to suit every member of the family. Dad can have the green geometric circles (he always was a stickler for symmetry), Mum will love the petals, and the kids can squabble over who’s getting the red stars. Or the yellow stars. With six different designs to choose from, there’s a print to keep everyone happy.

Imagine how easy travelling will be when everyone has their belongings in their own designated collection of cubes. There’ll be no pulling out Dad’s T-shirts when the kids are rummaging for togs. And each family member can easily transfer their gear to a drawer or shelf in an unpacking mission bagged in record time. No whingeing involved.

Like it, Share it, Tag it

The kids are a little too enamoured with their new packing cubes. The boys both want the aeroplane print (who can blame them) and the first born is threatening to boycott the holiday if he can’t have it. Houston, we have a problem. Relax. That’s why we introduced labelling tags to our new designer range. Write the kids’ names in the labelling window and you’ll always know whose gear belongs to whom. Labels are also a great way of identifying your stuff. Choose your own tagging adventure. Do you want to group your gear by style – labelling the cube with your shorts and jeans “bottoms” and your shirts and T-shirts “tops”. Or are you a “hot” and “cold” clothes kind of traveller? Or maybe you’re a super organised “weekend” and “weekday” packer? Whatever your packing preference, our tags have got you pinned.

Gimme More

Fancy yourself as a packing connoisseur? Got this cube caper down pat? Why not be a little more adventurous and mix and match your prints? The palm trees scream beach gear, stars say it’s bedtime – PJs live here, elegant circles invite eveningwear, while aeroplanes insist on stashing your carry-on loot. It’s never been easier to identify your stuff when it’s not only colour-coded but rocking its own individual design. If all else fails, read the label, but who really has time for that on holiday?

Don’t be Caught with Your Pants Down

Remember when your mum used to hound you about always wearing clean underwear because “you never know when you might get hit by a bus?” Our fancy-pants packing cells are kind of like your Sunday-best undies. They’re your luggage’s undergarments, discreetly keeping your intimates smart and respectable. If your suitcase lid pops open, no worries. Nothing to see here, except your too-cool-for-school cubes, Marie-Kondo-ing your gear into a neat bento box. And if our mate in customs really wants to see what’s inside, he’ll be thankful for your organisation when he snaps on those latex gloves.

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