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Where to Sit at Circuit of the Americas for the US Grand Prix

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Where to Sit at Circuit of the Americas for the US Grand Prix

Did you know that the US Grand Prix for Formula 1 in 2021 was the highest attended F1 race of all time?

If you didn’t make it, don’t worry because Formula 1 Aramco US Grand Prix will be held on the weekend of October 21st this year at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA)!

Before you get your tickets, you need to figure out which part of the track has the best seats. Unfortunately, if you’ve never been there before, narrowing down which seats are ideal for viewing the race can be challenging.

Keep reading as we discuss the best options for seats at this spectacle in car racing based on the view, price point, and more.

Main Grandstand

The main grandstand will likely be the best option for views of the main straight. You can also get a better view of the start and finish line and pit lanes, so you can easily see what is happening on and off the track for your preferred driver.

The eastern side of the grandstand will get a great view of turn 1, but those on the opposite western side will be in an excellent position to see the final straight.

Turn 1

This is located at the highest hill on the entire track, so many people think this is the best place to sit at the Circuit of the Americas. Not only do you get a great view of the race, but you’ll also be able to see a lot of Austin scenery, which is another great reason to choose this section.

You’ll see the main square and the action right around turn 1.

Turn 4

The Circuit of the Americas features an S-bend that reminds viewers of the Silverstone track layout, and if you want to get a good view of that portion of the track specifically, turn 4 is for you.

You’ll be able to see all of the driver’s dexterity and adaptability as they work around these problematic turns. Additionally, you get a good view of turns 4 and 5 from this location.

Turn 5

To maximize how many of the turns you can see, turn 5 is likely your best bet. You can set your sights on turns 3-6 here, which means you get to see a lot of maneuvers that may be missed by other portions of the stands.

Turn 9

If you choose turn 9 seats, it’s recommended that you get spots as high up in the stands as possible. This way, you’ll see about half of the entire circuit.

Most notably, turn 9 seats will help you get a pretty good view of turns 4-11, which is a wide portion of the entire race!

Turn 12

One of the things that the Circuit of the Americas is known for is its severe braking zone. If that’s something that you don’t want to miss, turn 12 is the best spot to view this section of the track.

You’ll be able to see drivers brake desperately as they try to get around that harsh turn safely.

If you want to get a view of the rest of the track, make sure that you’re choosing seats that are higher up on the stands in this section.

Turn 15

Turn 15 is a big happy medium for seats if you’re not entirely sure which part of the race you want to see best. For this reason, it is one of the most popular spots for people to view F1 races.

You’ll get a wide overview of most of the action here, including turn 12 and the final straight, which makes it a great option.

Plus, this is the best location for you and your group if you are looking for seats that offer more accessible access to facilities and food choices.

Turn 19

Are you looking for an affordable option? Turn 19 has some of the most affordable views for the whole race. You’ll get a distant view of the cars as they exit turn 18, and you’ll also see cars enter the pitlane and maneuver around the final corner.

You’re also close to the Grand Plaza here, which offers good food and drink concessions, as well as other activities for the family to enjoy.

General Admission

If you’re really still not sure about which section you want to be in, you can always purchase general admission tickets. The views from the GA area are very good at the Circuit of the Americas, and you can walk to the track during the practice sessions to figure out where you want to stand for the actual race.

It’s a good idea to get there early on race day so that you can “reserve” the spot you want before the race begins and the crowds start piling into the area.

Find the Perfect Seats at the Circuit of the Americas

As you can see, there really aren’t any “bad seats” at the Circuit of the Americas, and it was designed with spectators in mind. However, if you have a particular part of the race that you don’t want to miss, consider which parts of the track you want to see when making your choice.


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If you prefer to watch drivers have to carefully turn and bend around the track, turn 4’s grandstand may be where you want to sit. If you’re more concerned with watching the start and finish of the race, the main grandstand is probably a better choice.


Are you ready to make your decision? If so, don’t wait a moment longer for your perfect seats! Check out our easy-to-use ticket page next.


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