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A Quick Guide to Proper Gun Storage

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According to a Gallup report, about 32% of the adults in the U.S own a gun. And over 40% live in gun households, meaning there is a gun within the property or inside the house.

While many people have guns, not all know how to store their weapons safely. Unfortunately, these firearms can cause harm if they fall into the wrong hands. Also, guns are susceptible to rust and other damage.

However, you can ensure your weapon is safe with the proper gun storage practices. Most importantly, you can safeguard your firearm from rust and other radicals.

So, how can you safely store your guide? This guide will explore the ins and outs of firearm storage and gun care.

Invest in a Gun Safe

You have probably heard of incidents where children stumbled upon a gun and fatally shot each other or their parents. These are unfortunate occurrences that have left many families grieving.

On the bright side, such accidents are preventable. It all depends on your gun storage game. If you don’t know how to keep your firearm safe, investing in a gun safe will do.

Gun safes are popular and convenient for many gun owners. They ensure that your gun is well–concealed. And this limits its chances of ending up in the wrong hands.

Nonetheless, all gun safes are not made equal. You want to take your time and find the best. Usually, a quality gun safe is fire-proof and theft-proof.

For instance, if burglars break into your house, they will have difficulty opening the safe.

Additionally, gun safes come in various sizes. And most of them will comfortably house your handgun. Besides, you could always go for a premium-quality gun safe with advanced security features.

The security features in such gun safes include biometrics. Hence, you can only access your gun by using your fingerprints.

Gun Cases

If you are a gun owner who is unwilling to invest in an expensive gun safe, you can buy a gun case. Gun cases are a cheaper option. But they still allow you to keep your gun safe.

Some of these cases will come with fabric sleeves for your gun. Their ultimate objective is to protect your gun from physical damage.

Hard and soft cases are lockable. For example, the soft cases have a zipper with a padlock allowance. Also, these types of firearm housings are portable.

You can use them to carry your gun from the range to your home conveniently. Instead of tossing your firearm in the closet, these cases offer an affordable option for gun storage.

The downside of cases is that someone can breach their security easily. And this can be attributed to their soft materials.

Steel Gun Cabinets

Steel gun cabinets are another excellent option for firearm storage. However, most are made from a thin steel gauge and are not fire-resistant.

Gun cabinets come in handy, especially if you are a collector. Or if you are into hunting. And you own several rifles and handguns.

If you prefer a gun cabinet for whichever reason, you need to identify a hidden and secure area to place it. Otherwise, you don’t want burglars accessing all your weaponry at once. It could put both you and your loved ones in grave danger.

Moreover, cabinets cost more due to their capacity and storage features. For example, they have special compartments for your ammunition. Nevertheless, these are practical features that deliver immense value to gun owners.

Other Gun Storage Factors to Consider

Proper gun storage is not limited to where you keep your gun. It also touches on your gun care habits. For instance, you can store your firearm in a gun case, only for it to accumulate rust over time.

Here are a few things you should do before stashing your gun away;

Clean Your Gun

Copper, plastic, and lead may attract moisture. For this reason, you want to ensure that your gun is clean and dry before storing it.

First, wipe out the fingerprints on the gun with a cloth and an ammonia-free cleaning agent. Usually, your hands have natural salts. And if you leave the prints on the surface of your gun over time, the salt can encourage rust.

Treat its wooden stock with wax to prevent it from cracking or swelling.

Minimize the Humidity in Your Gun Safe

If you live in a humid area, you want to ensure your gun is well protected. The humidity levels in the air surrounding your firearm should be at least 50%.

Monitor your gun safe with a hygrometer to be sure. Furthermore, a dehumidifier can help keep the humidity within acceptable levels.

Most importantly, adhere to the ten gun safety rules regardless of where you keep your firearm.

Factor in Tactical Advantage

You never know when you will need to use your gun. But when a threat arises, you want to access it quickly and protect yourself.

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, keep your gun close to you. And if you must use a gun safe, ensure that your home is well secured.

Other security measures such as steel doors, alarms, and security cameras will come in handy. These can buy you time to access your gun, load it and get ready to use it.

Burglars are likely to strike at night. Hence, putting your gun in a fast box and hiding it under your bed can provide a much-needed tactical advantage.

The kitchen pantry is another strategic place to hide your gun. However, you want to make sure that nobody else knows about it. And you don’t want your children to stumble upon it when playing.

In case of any danger during the day, you can run to the pantry and arm yourself.

If you have several guns, you want one near the main entrance of your house. Burglars may sometimes knock on your door. And force their way in when you open it.

Once you ask who is there and get no reply, you can reach your gun quickly and get ready.

Learn How to Handle a Gun

Owning a gun allows you to defend yourself in the face of danger. However, it also comes with a huge responsibility. If you have read this guide carefully, you are now armed with the best gun storage tips.

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