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How to Clean a Pink Rug

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When purchasing a rug, it’s a foregone conclusion that you will eventually need to clean it. Whether your rug is of a modern design or is an antiquecaring for your rug the right way helps to ensure its longevity. Pink rugs are no different, which is why today we’re going to cover the ins and outs of how to clean a pink rug.

First, are pink rugs hard to care for?

Would you wear pure white clothes to tend your garden? Not likely. Stains can be difficult to get out of white shirts and pants.

Pink is a lighter color as well. So does that mean that you should use pink in a rug sparingly?

Not necessarily. Pink is not much different than red or other hues within a rug. Rather, it’s all about quality. The higher quality of a rug that you purchase, the easier it will be to care for. Will an all-pink or pink-accented rug from a big box retailer that sold for $29.95 fall apart quickly? For sure.

Will one using traditional weaving techniques and high-quality materials be easier to clean? Absolutely.

How to clean a pink rug

Considering that some pink rugs will fall into the category of a shaggy rug, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure you clean it the right way. Start by hanging your rug on an outside clothesline so that you can carefully shake free any loose debris within its fibers.

Next, bring your rug back inside and use your vacuum cleaner to catch anything that didn’t fall off outside. The next few steps will depend on the type of pink rug you have. We’ll cover modern products first followed by antique and vintage rugs.

How to clean a pink rug if it’s modern

First, when we say “modern” we don’t necessarily mean one that was weaved within the past decade or so. Rather, we’re referring to the method of weaving. A machine-made rug is much different than one that uses age-old construction techniques.

Carefully use a cleaning solution diluted with water and spot clean one small area of the rug. If it doesn’t affect the rug’s colors, continue applying the solution to the rest of the rug. We don’t recommend soaking it, but instead taking a light approach. Use a sponge to carefully scrub the fibers until the stain disappears, then use another sponge with clean water to act as a method of rinsing it.

How to clean a pink rug if it’s antique or vintage

Caring for an antique or vintage rug, whether it’s pink or has another color or pattern, is a much different affair. If you noticed, we used the word carefully several times when discussing how to clean a pink rug if it’s modern.

If vacuuming your rug doesn’t remove the stain, we recommend you contact a professional for assistance. It’s not so much about the durability of the rug as it is about protecting the patterns, designs, and integrity of the fibers.

Of course, if you ever have questions about how to find the perfect rug for your home or how to care for a rug you purchased from us, give us a call at 980-422-4080 or send us an email here.

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