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Smart Lighting in Australia: Creating the Perfect Ambience with Customizable Settings

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Can you imagine what Thomas Edison would say if he could see how far lightbulbs have come over the last 150 years?

Edison famously invented the very first commercially successful lightbulb way back in the 1870s. But since that time, lightbulbs have evolved so much. They’re no longer the basic carbon filament lightbulbs Edison helped introduce to the world.

Smart bulbs, in particular, have completely changed what’s possible when it comes to incorporating lighting into your home. With smart lighting in Australia, you can create the perfect ambience in your house at all times. It’ll enable you to take full advantage of the customizable settings it has to offer.

So, what exactly is smart lighting, and how can you use it to its full potential? Continue reading to discover more about what it brings to the table.

What Is Smart Lighting?

In recent years, smart home technology has started to appear in more Australian homes than ever before. A recent report revealed that about two-thirds of Australian households have at least one smart device.

It has taken a little while for smart lighting to catch in on Australia like other smart home technology has. But many Australian households are finally opening their doors to smart bulbs.

For those who still aren’t familiar with smart lighting in Australia, it’s a type of lighting that contains software that makes it possible for people to connect smart bulbs with apps. They can then control smart lighting right from their phones, tablets, and other devices.

Some people use smart bulbs to create intricate outdoor lighting systems. It enables them to beef up their home’s curb appeal with the right landscape lighting.

But for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus mainly on creating the perfect ambience inside your home with smart lighting in Australia.

How Does Smart Lighting Work?

Smart lighting might seem like a complicated concept to some Australian homeowners at first. But after you get the hang of it, you’ll see that smart bulbs provide a simpler way to light up the inside of your home.

You should be able to install smart bulbs in many of the lighting fixtures that are already in place in your home. But you’ll also have the option to install new fixtures for your smart lighting.

Either way, you’ll have to take smart bulbs that will make up your smart lighting system and connect them to the device that you plan to use to control them. It’ll give you the power to turn lights on and off as you see fit.

You’ll also get the option to set certain lights to turn on and off at different times throughout the day. In this way, it could help to make your home more secure than it already is.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Lighting?

From the second you embrace smart lighting in Australia, you’ll get access to a long list of benefits. They’ll make you so glad you decided to have smart bulbs put in place in your house.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of investing in smart lighting for your home:

  • Gives you complete control over every light in your home from almost anywhere in the world
  • Provides you with the convenience that comes with being able to turn lights on and off in your home without having to get up and physically do it
  • Enables you to schedule times when you would like different lights to turn on and off automatically
  • Makes your home more energy efficient overall

It won’t take you long at all to see why smart lighting in Australia has captivated the nation. Smart bulbs are, hands down, the best bulbs you can buy for your house.

How Can You Use Smart Lighting to Create the Right Ambience?

If you’re going to invest in smart lighting in Australia, you may as well work to make the most of it. You can utilize smart bulbs to create the right ambience in your home all the time.

To accomplish this goal, you should get some sense of what ambience you want smart lighting to set at different times of the day. You should also give thought to which rooms you want to turn lights on in and how bright you’d like them to be.

From there, you can start to customize the lighting in just about every room throughout your house. A great smart lighting system will give you the power to create any ambience you’d like in any room at any time.

Who Can You Trust to Provide Smart Lighting in Australia?

Setting up a smart lighting system for the first time can be complicated, to say the least. As a result, you should try to work with a reputable home automation company that knows what they’re doing when installing smart lighting in Australia.

AV Design can talk to you about which type of smart lighting you want to install in your house. We’ll also show you how you can use different kinds of lighting and their settings to set the right ambience in your home.

Best of all, we’ll show you how to control your smart lighting system right from the palm of your hand. It won’t be long at all before you’re using smart lighting in Australia to create the right mood in your home each and every day.

Contact Us for Your Smart Lighting Needs

Back at the turn of the century, the idea of smart lighting in Australia would have sounded far-fetched to most people. But in 2023, smart bulbs have changed the way people light the interiors and exteriors of their homes.

If you’re interested in putting smart lighting to the test, AV Design can help you do it. We can handle all your smart lighting needs and help you set the right tone in your home throughout the day and night with your lighting choices.

Get in touch with us today to discover more about smart lighting in Australia.

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