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What’s the Best Way of Dealing with Anxiety?

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The sudden increase in the heart rate that comes with the clammy skin is a telltale sign. You wish you could just make it go away. Dealing with anxiety isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s possible. Of course, as is the case with everything in life, there is a right and a wrong way. One of the best ways of dealing with anxiety is an anxiety treatment center in Tampa, FL.

Dealing with Anxiety Means You Have to Know What You’re up Against

Anxiety thrives on triggers. In some cases, they’re as benign as being a side effect of a new medication you take. A quick review of the patient insert will reveal if it is on the list. In other cases, there could be a highly-stressful period at work.

It quickly leads to the development of anxiety. How to deal with anxiety also depends on underlying mental health situations. For example, if you experienced trauma, there are different approaches. Moreover, genetics suggest that the condition can run in families, which requires a long-term management plan.

Best Practices

Routines are excellent options when anxiety threatens to derail your life. When you know what comes next, stress has a difficult time taking hold. Writing therapy is another option. When you notice the first stirrings of an episode, write down what you feel.

Leave nothing out. It can often help you get things out of your system before the anxiety fully takes hold. It also enables you to discuss the situation with a doctor, which is the next step. For anxiety disorder, there are medications that can make a significant difference.

The Wrong Way of Dealing with Anxiety

Of course, there’s also a wrong way. It typically involves a substance abuse disorder. When the emotions get too strong, you self-medicate. Examples include drug or alcohol use.

While this might temporarily reduce anxiety, it opens the door to addiction. You might have already noticed that it happened. Therefore, consider getting treatment now. Dual diagnosis treatment treats both conditions at the same time.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Offers Hope and Practical Solutions

At a rehab facility, caring therapists understand what you’re going through. They introduce you to better ways of learning how to deal with anxiety. Most importantly, they help you with undoing substance abuse.

Possible care approaches include:

Aftercare Maintains Recovery

If the anxiety is genetically-driven, it’s essential to continue care for the condition after program graduation. Work with a therapist to put together a comprehensive aftercare plan that meets your needs. Find out more about dealing with anxiety by connecting with the BoardPrep Recovery Center at 866.796.4720 today.

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