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What Types of Injuries Can I Hire a Lawyer For?

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Unfortunately, accidents injure more than three million Americans every year, and many of these types of injuries are not just minor scrapes. Sometimes, you can get injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another person, especially while on the road. This may entitle you to compensation. Various types of injuries can occur in a car accident. Here is a breakdown of the injuries you can recover compensation for with the help of a personal injury lawyer.


Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our brain may feel like the most protected part of our body. However, it is one of the most susceptible types of injuries that can be sustained in a violent crash. About 230,000 Americans will spend time in hospital with a brain injury each year. This is out of 1.5 million people who will experience a blow to the head or have something pierce their skull.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. You are most at risk of these wounds in motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents. Pedestrians are also very susceptible to TBI if they are struck by a reckless driver.

6% of pedestrian injuries, and almost 8% of bicycling injuries, are traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, drunk driving, distracted driving, and recklessness still cause thousands of accidents every year.

A traumatic brain injury happens when a sudden jerking motion causes your brain to bounce around the skull. This can damage cells and cause serious neurological side effects.

The most common types of injuries to the head is a concussion. This can leave you with a headache or temporary memory loss. However, some symptoms can persist for months. Some long-term symptoms include anxiety and problems with social behavior.

A moderate brain injury will leave you unconscious for at least 15 minutes and will likely lead to hospital admission. It can take nine months to heal. Meanwhile, a more severe brain injury could cause a lengthy coma and hospitalization. A personal injury attorney will help you seek compensation if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Fractures and Broken Bones

Car accidents and falls are some of the most common causes of fractures and broken bones. It is vital to have a doctor examine you after a car accident, as it will feel like everything hurts. Any swelling, tenderness, and bruising may be hiding a fracture.

In some cases, a severe broken bone may show visible deformity. You will undergo an X-Ray to determine if you broke or fractured the bone. Your doctor might put your broken arm or leg in a cast.  You may need surgery for your broken bone. If you need to heal a bit before surgery, your doctor might insert screws in the bones to hold them in place.

There are several ways you might sustain a fracture in a car accident. This can happen if you are thrown from the vehicle. The force of the collision could also cause different types of injuries, but broken bones are the most common. In some cases, the airbag can cause a fracture when it deploys. The most common bones fractured in a car or traffic accident are:

  • Lower leg
  • Clavicle
  • Spine
  • Skull
  • Breastbone
  • Facial bones
  • Pelvic bone


Spinal Injuries

The leading cause of spinal injuries in the United States is car accidents. Spine injuries are most likely to occur if a car has rolled over during the crash. In the vast majority of cases, drivers are left with a spinal injury, along with other types of injuries.

Your spine is vital but vulnerable. The vertebrae protect valuable nerves that control your body’s functions. When you are in a car crash, a violent jolting motion can tear ligaments, fracture the vertebrae, and damage these nerves. You could end up partially or completely paralyzed.

Recovering from a spinal injury can take months of therapy and rehabilitation. This can become very costly.


Meniscus and Rotator Cuff Injuries


You may feel you escaped relatively unscathed from your accident. However, even if you have no broken bones or brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation. The brutal shock motions of an accident can twist your knee or shoulder joint. This can lead to injuries that show up a few days after the accident.

One of the most common types of injuries to the knee area is tearing the meniscus, a piece of cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone. This can cause a lot of pain and swelling. Your daily activities will be difficult to carry out, and you will likely need physical therapy to recover. In severe cases, you may need surgery.

Many people might also find themselves with a rotator cuff injury after an accident. This group of tendons and muscles allows you to move your arm and shoulder. When the rotator cuff is injured, you can suffer long-term difficulties in lifting items or reaching for things. Some might need surgery, while others will need physical therapy to recover.


How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Your injuries might entitle you to compensation and necessitate hiring a personal injury attorney. A lawyer will help you assess the damage and build a case against the person who caused the accident.

A personal injury lawyer is also adept at dealing with insurance companies. They will help you communicate with them and ensure you get the proper compensation. If not, they will help you take the personal injury case to trial.

You may be entitled to economic damages for any financial losses. This covers medical bills or lost wages for any time you had to take off work. Non-economic damages will cover the personal harm you may have suffered. This can be pain and suffering due to distress or any disability suffered after the accident.


Legal Help for Different Types of Injuries


Car accident injuries can range from mild whiplash to a spinal injury that leaves you paralyzed. If you are hurt in an accident that was caused by a negligent individual, you may be able to recover a monetary award to compensate for financial loss, pain and suffering, as well as medical expenses. To learn more, contact us to discuss your case with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim. We offer a free consultation for new clients.

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