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Best Ways to Utilize Tuuci Outdoor Pavilions and Parasols during Covid

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COVID-10 has completely transformed the way that we imagine and enjoy our outdoor spaces. Tuuci umbrellas allow us to escape the stress of this pandemic, providing welcome shade as we rejuvenate our minds and bodies at tropical resorts or in our luxurious gardens. When countries close their borders and halt our vacation plans, we can bring holiday ambiance to our uniquely-designed light stone courtyard, natural pool, or rooftop terrace with Tuuci pavilions.

Child-Friendly Protection

During the pandemic, many businesses are required to limit the number of people they allow indoors at any time. Parents with energetic children sometimes have to wait on hot pavements until other customers leave. Serviceable Tuuci umbrellas are designed to enhance your kid-friendly service, making it easier for parents to remain outdoors in any weather.

These elegant solutions are durable and beautiful, making them ideal for seating areas outside of businesses that cater to busy parents. Information about your financial institution, boutique, or law firm can be provided in a welcome basket and perused while parents wait to enter your offices.

Welcome your Guests

Whether you operate a cafe or an all-inclusive resort, Tuuci pavilions will welcome your guests with beautiful colors. COVID-19 safety protocols such as temperature checks that have to be done before clients enter your building can occur under a parasol, in a luxurious setting that makes customers feel that you value their business. Add another lively decor to celebrate a special occasion or protect staff from the elements as they sanitize your clients.

Durable Tuuci umbrellas can stand up to the cool winds that caress your coastal pub, restaurant, or romantic getaway. People are looking for safe spaces to relax, and even while spending time at your hotel, they will want to go outside. Gorgeous Tuuci pavilions with elegant fabric walls provide privacy while letting your guests enjoy the scenery around them.

Outdoor heaters can be added to the space, becoming a symbol of security during a time of emotional and physical upheaval. Restaurants, theatres, and upscale pubs can all add splendor to their outdoor spaces with tastefully appointed heating, decorative lighting, and a lush pavilion.

Transform Family Time

Shelter in place and work from home orders have brought families physically closer. Tuuci pavilions help parents make the most of this, as they comfortably work and study in a setting that effortlessly promotes a sense of calm while reducing the distractions associated with indoor offices.

Parents can experience key moments with their children that they would have missed if they weren’t at home. Sheltering in place in style with hammocks or rattan chairs lets you learn more about your loved ones. You’ll be able to see what they do at work and what inspires them. You can learn new skills together and eat more meals as a family, building unity under the protection of a Tuuci umbrella.

Escape to the Roof

If you have a small garden but a large family, you’ll want to use all the outdoor space you have available. Tuuci umbrellas can be used to create a luxurious living space right on top of your roof. Add your outdoor heater to provide a cozy atmosphere on chilly nights, a coffee table for your favorite book and dark roast, or soft cushions in shades that match your personality.

Be Inspired in an Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

While kitchens are ordinarily hot, the stress associated with COVID-19 can make yours seem more cramped than usual. Bring the joy back to meal preparation with a Tucci pavilion. Add bamboo side chairs or some adjustable bar stools. A daybed swing in a nautical theme can be installed close by, in an area that’s partially shielded from the elements but close enough for a home cook to relax.

Whether you use a stylish tabletop fire pit heater or a discreet heater that’s hidden within the legs of bistro tables, your outdoor kitchen pavilion can be a warm, welcoming place where you reconnect with the things that are important to you. Many free-standing propane heaters can be connected to Bluetooth apps so that you can adjust the temperature in seconds.

Create Productive Workspaces

While some businesses have allowed employees to work from home during the pandemic, others have utilized their outdoor spaces in ingenious ways. Tuuci pavilions can be integrated into layouts that improve employee concentration while allowing your organization members to remain physically distant.

Crammed conference rooms don’t allow people to brainstorm well. Working outdoors improves creativity and problem solving while providing the balance that employees require as they cope with different trauma types during the pandemic. As Amazon has done with The Spheres, you can use nature to increase creative output.

Tuuci umbrellas in natural colors complement stone, brick, and unfinished wood while providing soothing connections with nature. Workspaces that promote a sense of tranquility during the pandemic help increase employee retention, engagement, and productivity. Tuuci umbrellas offer relief from the sun in warm climates and can be paired with outdoor heaters and heat lamps to provide comfort during cooler months.

Amplify Client Engagement

During the pandemic, you may need to have face-to-face or virtual meetings with clients. In both cases, the setting you’re in will affect how others receive your message. Negotiation becomes easier, and clients become more engaged when meetings take place outdoors.

Tuuci umbrellas in shades like orange add warmth and excitement to your presentation, making it more likely that clients will move forward with your ideas. Hosting a meeting with clients under a green Tuuci pavilion can diffuse tense situations and keep everyone on the same page. If your business frequently deals with conflicts, consider moving some of your discussions outdoors under a blue Tuuci pavilion.


Tucci umbrellas and Tucci pavilions help you create an outdoor oasis that complements your lifestyle even during the pandemic. You can customize the color and finish to match your goals for your household, bringing a holiday atmosphere to your backyard or rooftop. Define your own safe space for clients and maintain strong connections by using elegant parasols that epitomize comfort and stability.

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