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What to Wear for Your Business Headshot

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Sometimes when you’re applying for jobs or starting a new job, you need a good business headshot. You want to look professional but beautiful, sophisticated but not stuffy. The first step to getting a gorgeous headshot is to wear the right thing for your photo.

Business headshot outfits should be simple and sophisticated. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure your look presents you in the best light without stealing the limelight. Read on to learn what to wear for your business headshot photoshoot.

Plain, Neutral Colors

When you’re having your picture taken, you might want to add a subtle pop of colour to your outfit. Plain black or white and neutral colours always work but you don’t want to overwhelm the photo with a crazy pattern or strong, bold colours; opt instead for solid colours that will keep the focus on your face. If you choose a brighter top, balance it out with a black blazer over the top.

Fitted Top

It may seem like you would want to go with clothes that hide some chubbier areas for your picture. But baggy clothes can drown you, making you look both sloppy and much bigger than you actually are. Once again, the key is to find the balance between fitted and too tight.

Look for clothes that sit comfortably and fit closely without pulling. If there are horizontal folds running across the fabric, opt for something else. If you have a tailored suit or other outfit, that may be a good choice for your picture.

Modest V-Neck

There are a lot of options for formal tops to wear for a business picture even if we narrow things down to solid colours. Should you go for a boat neck, scoop neck, empire waist, sheath dress, long sleeves or short sleeves? The best policy is to go for a modest v-neck shirt.

V-necks lengthen the neck and give a subtle suggestion of elegance to the photo. But plunging necklines can distract from the main attraction of the photo: your beautiful smile. If you choose to wear a blazer, go for a collarless shirt underneath.

Simple Jewellery

Jewellery is a fun way to accessorise an outfit, and sometimes we all like to wear flashy pieces. But when you’re having your picture taken, you want the focus to remain on your face, not your earrings. Instead, opt for simple, classic pieces that will add some sparkle without stealing the show.

If you have a signature piece of jewellery you usually wear – a pair of gemstone earrings or a gold necklace – it’s a great idea to include that in the picture. It shows some of your personality and makes the picture feel more “you.” Accessorise based around that piece, choosing like metals and complementary gemstones if you’re wearing them.

Simple Makeup

The focus of your business headshot will be on your face, but you want to make sure your makeup doesn’t distract from you under there. Photos tend to accentuate makeup, so this isn’t the day to try out that bold new lipstick. Stick with simple makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

Go for natural tones in your eyeshadow, and avoid heavy application and smoky eye. Keep the eyeliner to a minimum, and if you’re wearing false lashes, choose some more understated ones for the day. Use a soft neutral lipstick, and go light with the blush that day.

Glare-Free Glasses

Many people who wear glasses prefer to remove them for photographs. But your glasses are a part of you, and you should show that off in the picture. There are ways to work around the glare they can cause in photos.

If you have a pair of glare-free glasses, bring those for the photo; if you take photos a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in a glare-free pair. If you don’t have a glare-free pair of glasses, be sure they’re completely clean before the shoot. If you don’t plan to wear your glasses in the photo, remove them at least half an hour beforehand to avoid those little red marks on the sides of your nose.

Clean Teeth

One of the most important things you can have on the day of your photo is clean teeth. Your makeup and hair can be on point, your outfit can be perfect, and your photographer can be amazing. But if you have a piece of lunch stuck in your teeth, that’s all people will see.

Be sure to brush and floss thoroughly on the morning of your photo and right before you go in for your session. If you’re applying lipstick, make sure it doesn’t get on your teeth by putting your finger in your mouth and swiping it back out, catching any lipstick that may be lurking on the crease of your lips. Then practice your best, “I am this powerful and gorgeous every day of my life” smile!

Take Your Best Business Headshot

Taking a good business headshot is a matter of wearing clothes and accessories that brighten up your face without overwhelming it. Remember to stick to simple colours and styling, and don’t go crazy with the makeup or jewellery. And smile – you’re going amazing places, and you know it!

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