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What To Look For When Hiring a Wedding Magician

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Your wedding day is your special day. Many people love the entertainment of a wedding magician. Here is what to look for when hiring a wedding magician.

How will your wedding stand out?

Guests are tired of wishing wells, the hokey pokey, and bland wedding cake.

If you really want your wedding to be memorable, why not hire a wedding magician?

Magicians enthrall crowds with their talent, creativity, unusual tricks, and artistry, and can be a great addition to your wedding day.

Read on to learn what to look for when hiring a magician, helping you find the perfect entertainer for your perfect day.


As with any wedding specialist you’ll hire, such as your florist and catering, look for reviews or testimonials online. Your big day is so important and you can’t risk anything going wrong, so only hire a magician that has a solid track record of impressing and entertaining.

Although many magicians include testimonials on their website, also look for unbiased, 3rd party review sites, or ask trusted friends or neighbors for recommendations.

Recommendations can also give you information on their background, what style of magic they do, and what sort of crowds they usually perform for.

Background Check

Will your magician be left alone around children, valuables, or access to your reception venue? If so, you want to make sure the person you hire is trustworthy.

Most qualified entertainers will have no problem showing you their working with children or background checks, for your peace of mind. The safety of your guests is important, so don’t be nervous to ask for this information upfront.

Your magician may also have their own public liability insurance, which could be required by your wedding venue.

What Type of Wedding Magician Are They?

Magic is such a varied field – what type of wedding magician you looking for?

If you want to entertain children, you may want someone with a focus on games, balloon animals, and kid-friendly tricks.

Or, some magicians use comedy as part of their shows, which can be entertaining, while others prefer a quiet mystery.

Some prefer traditional magic tricks, others love card games and sleight of hand, so make sure you find someone who can offer what you’re looking for.


Look for wedding magicians who are within your budget. Being a magician is a highly skilled task that may dedicate their lives to pursuing, so expect to pay fairly. Rates vary but may run between $150-500 per hour.

Some magicians may have a minimum time requirement, such as a few hours, to make it worth their while.

It’s worth paying more for a quality magician, as there’s nothing worse than seeing an audience disappointed by stale or boring tricks. If you hire an incredible magician for your wedding, guests will be talking about it for years to come!

Hire Your Perfect Magician Today

A wedding magician will bring excitement, laughter, and thrills to your wedding. It’s a great choice to hire an expert magician to perform at your reception.

Now that you know what to look for, find a magician who suits your requirements and budget, and start looking forward to your big day!

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