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American Snippets Instills Patriotism Across the Nation

Gold Star Wife Barbara Allen Launches Patriotic Community. Barb Allen and co-founder Dave Brown founded the American Snippets Podcast. Now they are building a community that focuses on self, family, community, country.


New Paltz, NY, March 25, 2021 – Of all the trends that have been rising to the top, none have captivated society more than podcasts. Podcasts have been steadily gaining popularity over the years, with a very wide variety of topics. Whether you are baking a cake or learning about the history of the French Revolution, there is a podcast for everything!

American Snippets is one such podcast that has gained popularity at a rapid pace. Started by Barb Allen and Dave Brown, the podcast helps instill a sense of patriotism in Americans everywhere by discussing the American Dream, and the values upon which the nation was founded.

The podcast contains in-depth discussions about current events happening in our great nation and spotlights Americans with exceptional stories of resilience, sacrifice, courage, and leadership.

American Snippets has been sparking patriotic discussion since 2017. The podcast is notorious for being unapologetically patriotic, providing compelling views on powerful topics, and inviting listeners from all walks of life to get involved in the conversations.
“We know Americans are better than what the mainstream media wants us to believe. We know patriotism is about wanting all of us to thrive, not just people we agree with. So we demonstrate that by featuring guests who exemplify America’s core values and teach our listeners how to build their own American Dream,” said Barbara Allen.

Now, the team is working on another exciting project. They are creating a community for those who still believe the United States is packed with greatness, and want to connect with others to strengthen this country from the inside out.

The Great American Syndicate focuses on four pillars; self, family, community, and country. This community provides patriots with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to worthy causes.

“We live in such a great country, it is only right that we give back,” said Dave Brown, the other half of the American Snippets duo.
The community uses 30% of member dues to support charity organizations such as police, first responders, military, veterans, at-risk youth, and any organization that works to preserve the American ideals.

The Great American Syndicate offers two different membership packages intentionally designed to be affordable for anyone. The contribution is $16.99 monthly, or $169.99 yearly. Members can save 17% with the yearly package.

There is also a Great American Syndicate app for your smartphone! Members who join also get access to a Nationwide Perks and Discounts Program, 40% Off American Snippets Apparel, Expert Trainings, Live Community Sessions, Member Database for Networking, Monthly Giveaways, and more.

You can learn more about both American Snippets and The Great American Syndicate on the American Snippets website. In addition to the podcasts and community information, visitors to the website can also read articles, learn more about the founders, stay up to date on live events, and even shop for some American apparel!

There is also a section dedicated to contributions, so you can help keep the organization well funded. For more information visit!

About American Snippets: American Snippets is one of America’s fastest-growing podcasts, news publications, and online communities. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Youtube. Barbara Allen and Dave Brown, the creators of the podcast, have also created the Great American Syndicate, a community dedicated to upholding American values.

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