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What to Look for in a Home Inspector

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Do you know there are about 30,000 home inspectors in the US? Hence, finding the best inspector for your home can be challenging.

However, you need to learn tips for selecting a good home inspector to ease the task.

A home inspection is a step you can’t overlook when buying or selling a house. It gives you detailed information about your home’s condition and value. Due to its critical role, the task should be done by a professional home inspector.

Professional home inspectors provide complete and easy-to-understand reports. Using their experience, they identify hidden issues that aren’t easily visible. They expedite the home inspection process saving you time and money.

But how do you hire the best home inspector with unlimited options at your disposal? Here are things to look for in a home inspector when hiring.

Multiple Recommendations

Experienced and reputable inspectors are highly recommendable. They offer top-notch services and enhance their client’s satisfaction.

To find out if a home inspector is recommendable, start by researching them online. Go through the customer’s testimonials and reviews from their sites.

They’ll have many positive reviews from their prior clients if they’re good at what they do. Otherwise, clients will express their dissatisfaction by leaving negative comments.

If you have a realtor you trust, you can also ask them about the home inspector. They know the best home inspectors since they’ve been in the business for a long time. So, they’ll tell you if your potential inspector does a quality job or not.

If your inspector is a poor performer, your realtor will recommend better options. They’ll refer you to inspectors who are good at pointing out issues. And don’t use scare tactics to make problems sound worse than they are.

Compete Insurance Coverage

Inquiring about insurance is crucial when interviewing a home inspector. Whether you decide to hire a company or a single home inspector, ensure they’re insured.

A good home inspector should have a liability and a workers’ comp insurance. Liability insurance covers the damages an inspector can cause to your property. And a workers’ comp covers the injuries the home inspector can sustain when working for you.

Hiring an uninsured home inspector puts you at risk of monetary damage. You’re held liable if they injure themselves or damage your property during work. You incur financial losses if the damages and injuries sustained are severe.

Don’t take the inspector’s word of mouth when asking about insurance. Some inspectors aren’t insured, and others have medical insurance only.

So, ask them to provide proof of their insurance coverage. They can provide their insurance certificate copies for verification.

If you realize a home inspector isn’t insured, cross them off your list.

A Valid License

Licensing is also an utmost consideration when hiring a home inspector. Before you choose any inspector, ensure they’ve got a valid license.

It shows the inspector is legitimate and has the permit to offer services in your state. A license also proves the home inspector has met all the state’s requirements.

With a licensed inspector, you enjoy quality services and meet your needs. They have the experience and skills to find out all your home issues.

Since getting a license isn’t easy, these inspectors protect theirs by all means. They observe the codes governing home inspection to avoid legal issues.

To ensure you hire a licensed inspector, ask them to provide their license copies. Verify them to ensure they’re valid and updated.

Don’t compromise on licensing even if a candidate has met other qualifications. Unlicensed home inspectors might be inexperienced and uninsured.

Relevant Experience

Do you know there’s no substitute for experience? So, when hiring an inspector, ensure they’ve got adequate experience in home inspection.

To achieve that, ask your inspector about the period they’ve been doing a home inspection. The longer they’ve been inspecting homes, the more the experience. Hence, it’s a lousy idea to work with home inspectors who are setting foot in their careers.

Also, you can inquire about the number of inspections the inspector has done. If they have done countless inspections, they have the experience. The more the inspections they do, the more the skills and knowledge they acquire.

Request the inspector to provide you with their inspection report sample. Go through it to see whether it’s written and formatted properly.

Experienced home inspectors provide a detailed inspection report. It identifies the problem, describes it and suggests the solution. A good report also includes clear photos of the issues found.

Their Pricing

When interviewing for a home inspection, don’t forget to ask about the service costs. The last thing you’d want is to pay more than you have for your home inspection.

However, ensure to make apples to apple comparison before choosing. Look at each company’s inspection process description and compare it with their price. It’s worth paying more for a quality and thorough home inspection.

Research to find the average cost of home inspection in your area. Develop a budget and stick to it to keep the financial burden at bay. Avoid inspectors who overprice their services as expensive don’t guarantee quality.

Sound References

Asking for references is worthwhile when hiring a house inspector. They enable you to get information straight from the horse’s mouth.

After getting a few references, reach out to each customer. Ask them about their experiences working with the inspection company.

If the inspector offered them a quality job, they highly recommend them. But if otherwise, they’ll warn you not to hire them.

Hire the Best Home Inspector Today!

A home inspection is crucial when buying or selling your house. It helps to identify potential house issues before proceeding with the process. However, to enjoy the benefits of a home inspection, you should hire a professional to do it.

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