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What Jessica Alba Does to Stay in Shape

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The beauty and talent of actress Jessica Alba has made her an international celebrity with global fans everywhere. Her string of movie hits and her new products company have endeared her to her many fans. But this young celebrity goes the distance to maintain her drive and well being. Jessica is known to take care of her health, since she has suffered from several types of illness since childhood, physical well being is paramount to her daily lifestyle.

She starts with a balanced diet, but never too rigid. She doesn’t deny herself the occasional nachos, but Alba does drink healthy smoothies and eat fresh, natural and organic foods. [1]

Jessica Alba’s workout routine is well documented on Instagram with photos of her love of fitness, including hot yoga, dance, machines, stretch bands and lots of walking. With her health issues such as lifelong asthma, she is all about staying healthy. She recently shared on social about having bad knees and what she does to care for her body.

In the daily routine of keeping healthy, Jessica Alba uses cryotherapy to reduce inflammation, increase her body health and well being, and of course, release those awesome endorphins. She loves the anti-aging benefits, and many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore agree with her. The 3 minute sub zero temps are cold but quick, and upon exiting the whole body cryotherapy chamber, the oxygenated blood brings all those nutrients from the core of the body to the extremities. The cold reduces joint and muscle inflammation and the extremities, skin and brain are flooded with naturally occurring enzymes to help the body look and feel great.

“A study done by the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance found that Whole Body Cryotherapy significantly decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines, which equals decreased aches and pains and faster recovery from muscle trauma.” [2]

For all the health and beauty fans out there, Jessica Alba is certainly a shining example of taking good care of oneself, and utilizing cryotherapy for a balanced recovery and the health and healing effects is worth every moment. Cryotherapy can be part of your long term plan to keep fit and look great like Jessica Alba.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy, find out how you can provide cryotherapy services, and read the guide on the cryotherapy business.

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