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5 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips to Blow Out the Cobwebs

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If you’re like most Americans, the first warm days of spring will prompt one popular household activity: spring cleaning. Research shows that over three-quarters of us participate in this annual tradition each year.

Of course, no matter the size of your home, it’s safe to say that cleaning everything inside of it can be pretty overwhelming. How can you clear away the clutter and create a healthier living space without losing your focus or motivation?

We’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at our five favorite tips to clear away the cobwebs each spring.

1. Make a Plan of Attack

Before you launch into your spring cleaning checklist, take some time to organize your attack. Cleaning in a set order can help ensure that you don’t miss a single speck of dust!

There are two great spring cleaning tips that we love for this.

First, clean room by room, which gives you time for deep cleaning and makes it easier to clear clutter bit by bit. Next, clean from top to bottom—literally—to remove dust, debris, and clutter as you go. This means dusting everything above your head, cleaning things at eye level, and then moving on to floor and carpet cleaning.

2. Set Up an Area for Sorting

With any spring cleaning, it’s inevitable that you’ll find belongings you no longer want or need in your home. To that end, set up a sorting area to store these things for the duration of your cleaning. Create space for multiple categories as needed: trash, donation, out-of-home storage, belongings to sell, and belongings that should be returned to their owners.

3. Get the Family Involved

Cleaning should be a whole-house endeavor, no matter how old your children are! If you don’t already have a chore chart, consider creating one that you can fill with age-appropriate chores. With everyone pitching in, the work will go much faster.

4. Make Time for Seasonal Chores

Spring cleaning is a great moment for decluttering, but it’s also a good time to tackle the seasonal chores you may have been putting off. This includes safety items like changing the batteries in your smoke detector as well as annual tasks like a visual inspection of your roof. Don’t forget about outdoor chores to freshen up your backyard living area, like cleaning your patio furniture!

5. Don’t Do It All At Once

If done well, a deep cleaning of your home can take more than a single day. Instead of trying to pack every task on your list, make a plan that works with your household’s schedule. This might mean cleaning different rooms over a few weekends, for example, or it might mean cleaning in thirty-minute chunks every evening.

Get More Out of Your Spring Cleaning

We get it: regular cleaning can be a struggle, and spring cleaning can feel like a monumental task. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way! The tips above can help you stay on track during your decluttering and deep cleaning, allowing you to get more done fast.

Of course, if you’re hoping to get more out of your spring cleaning, consider leaving the task to the pros! With 20 years of experience cleaning homes, our team is here to offer safe and friendly cleaning for all your household needs. To learn how we can help, contact us

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