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A Guide to Designing Attention-Grabbing Custom Signs

Are you looking for signs for your home, a gift, or to advertise your business? Maybe you want to put a sign outside that tells people something about your home or property, like to be careful driving due to current construction or pedestrians.

Regardless of your reasoning, you want a sign that pops. 

We’ve got a few tips that can help you get the attention that you want from your custom signs. Keep reading to learn more about sign design made easy. 

1. Contrast Is Key

When you’re designing your sign you need to make sure that the foreground stands out from the background. You don’t want your message or image to go unnoticed because you chose two colors that are too similar. 

While signs like this might be legible from nearby, no one will notice them from afar or when they’re moving quickly. Most people want their signs to be seen from the street, so take advantage of contrasting colors and tones. 

Use the color wheel to help. 

2. Use Bright Colors

The exception to bright colors is utilizing a stark black and white color scheme, but barring that, aim for something eyecatching. 

Bright colors don’t have to be fluorescent to pop. You can use bold colors like red, green, and orange.

Think of the colors that you see on normal street signs when you’re driving around. When you go to create a street sign, you want it to pop just as much. 

Tip: If you are going the street sign route, stray away from colors with obvious meanings, like red.

3. Consider Lighting

Depending on the kind of sign that you’re using there are a few ways to illuminate your sign (or make it appear illuminated). 

One is to add lighting. You can use neon for a cool and retro look, or you can add lights overhead or underneath to put the spotlight on your sign.

If this isn’t feasible for your sign project, make your lights shiny or semi-reflective. You don’t want to blind people who are driving by, but the lights on the street will help to make your sign shine. 

4. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

If you’re a big business, a big sign can be great. We all know about the McDonalds signs that tower over the trees so that you can see them for a mile before you get to the restaurant. 

The benefit of a small sign, though, is that people have to stop and look at it. If the sign is outside your home or near your business, a small sign may cause passers-by to stop and check it out. 

Weigh your options. Do you want to be more visible or more intriguing? Are you looking for attention from cars or from people walking by? 

Are You Looking for Custom Signs? Try These Ideas

Custom signs are a great way to draw attention to your home, yard, or business. Whether you’re using it for decoration or advertisement, these creative sign ideas might be right for you. 

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