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What Is the Purpose of a Book Cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the world of books, this isn’t always true.

Covers are vital when it comes to designing books and making movies as layouts are important to stores and businesses when it comes to thinking about their customers. 

What is the purpose of a book cover, and why should you dedicate time aside from your story to create one? 

Poor presentation is one of the common mistakes authors make because they don’t consider covers to be a crucial aspect. However, you can learn just how much it is by reading on. 

What Is the Purpose of a Book Cover?

If a cover looks interesting, there’s a good chance someone’s eying it. Veteran authors know this, and new authors should know this too.

About 700 million books (not including digital) are sold and make more than $2 billion each year. Competition within the book market is increasing, and it’s the book cover that plays a strong role. 

You’d be wrong to think it’s not a deciding factor for customers to decide to buy it after looking at it from the bookshelf. If a potential reader finds something that is catchy, they are automatically drawn to it. 

Book covers are the face of a book and can reflect the feelings an author put into writing it or give a hint at what’s inside. For example, a book cover with bright, soft images, can depict a sweet novel, comedy, or romance. 

Qualities That Make Book Covers Shine

A good book cover also uses an attractive title/subtitle and font for their book. This further communicates to readers and draws them in. Every book should look different from other covers, so creating a unique cover helps every book stand out. 

You can use covers as a chance to categorize the novel’s theme to communicate with readers. Potential readers can identify the tone with the right cover. Authors who want to reach a mature audience versus those who write for children will offer different themes. 

Hiring an Illustrator 

Authors who are multi-talented may also illustrate their work. However, most authors hire an illustrator to help their vision come to life. One of the top book publishing basics is the positive relationship between a cover and the overall sales of a book.

A good cover has high-quality images that are original. An illustrator who can help create great designs for the covers they edit can help raise book profit. The publishing team should also ensure any images they use don’t cause copyright infringement

There are millions of copy-right free images you can use to make cover book ideas without legal implications. However, the best way to be safe is to find the original owner and as for permission. 

Enhance Your Book’s Attraction 

You will find readers who decide to get your book based on the synopsis. You will also find a large number of readers who make the ultimatum to purchase a book based on the cover.

So what is the purpose of a book cover? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s part of the lifeline of a book in regards to sales. You need both a good cover and storyline to be successful as an author. 

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