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New Online Platform Offers Couples an Affordable, Comprehensive Divorce Solution


United States, September 27, 2022— expands into its 12th state, making its award-winning service available to over 50% of all divorces in the United States. provides divorcing couples an alternative to the traditional divorce process, while empowering them to achieve an amicable divorce while taking better control of their finances. is a web-based service that provides divorcing couples with a simple and affordable 3-step process to create divorce documents along with comprehensive instructions on how to file the final paperwork in their local court system. Unlike other online services that simply have you fill in forms, utilizes an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer approach. And if there are disagreements, their 4-phase negotiating and bartering system helps the divorcing couple reach agreement on important decisions such as child custody and property division – all in a non-confrontational way.

“Divorces in the US cost an average of $15,000 with the majority of that paid to attorneys,” said Tom Milligan, CEO of “However, when a divorcing couple can communicate, and chooses to compromise rather than argue, those lawyer fees are completely unnecessary.”

Statistics show that the majority of divorces are initiated by women – 80% – and one of the biggest fears of women during divorce is financial security. “Our platform was designed to allow both parties to take control of their outcomes – including their financial outcomes,” shared Milligan, “while also making the overall process much more affordable.”

Milligan began his own divorce process in 2019, which he says unavoidably changed the trajectory of his life. After researching options to complete a divorce without paying large legal fees, he realized there was a gap in the online options. For most, you simply fill in a form without much support or direction, and sometimes without the application even saving your answers along the way. Most provide zero assistance when you are finished and need to file your documents with the courts. “I would never wish divorce on anyone,” said Milligan, “but since it’s going to happen despite my best wishes, my goal was to make that journey a lot easier than it used to be.”

The platform is an affordable way to navigate the divorce process. Couples have options of when to pay the low completion fee – a discounted rate during the process, or $299 at the point they have completed the process and are ready to print their divorce paperwork. The only additional costs are the filing fees paid to the local court, and the site includes a guarantee that the courts will accept the completed documents.

In addition to the extensive guidance provided during the process, a significant effort has been made to give post-agreement support by providing detailed step-by-step filing instructions — filling another gap that Milligan saw in other divorce website services.

Milligan points out that amicable divorces provide for a better post-divorce recovery and improved long-term outcomes for both parties and any children involved. “Being able to have those tough conversations required for a divorce in a respectful manner provides an example of maturity sorely lacking in today’s society,” he noted.

“It’s a common misconception that online divorce only works for childless couples without many assets or other complications,” said Milligan. “As long as you both agree to the divorce and can communicate and cooperate, you’re a great candidate for using our service.”

The company is diligently working to expand to cover the entire United States, regularly adding services for new states, and has plans to provide other complementary services in the near future.

About was established in 2020 to assist couples with easier and more affordable navigation of the divorce process, currently providing services in 12 states which covers more than half of all divorces in the US, and plans to add additional states until couples in all 50 states + Washington DC can take advantage of the simple online process. We’ve made it our mission to provide the most affordable, easy-to-use, and effective self-service divorce process ever imagined.

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