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What Are Escape Rooms?

If you were stuck in your house during a long pandemic, you might be reluctant to let someone lock you in a room on purpose! If you’re craving adventure, however, that might be just what you need!

It’s time to escape on your own terms!

Escape rooms allow you to enjoy an engaging, creative challenge in a safe, supervised environment. Each room is a self-contained puzzle that can you can solve in myriad ways. As you solve a series of smaller puzzles with your team, you’ll reveal new facets of a fully interactive and immersive story. 

The story begins when you make a reservation for your first escape room experience! We’ve put together this guide to escape rooms to help you understand what to expect when you visit for the first time. Keep reading to learn everything there is to learn about this contemporary form of family fun!

What Are Escape Rooms?

An escape room is, at its core, a fully-immersive puzzle game. An “escape center” is a larger building with many different escape rooms inside. Each room has a different theme and different puzzles to solve.

Once you enter the room, a timer will start. The average escape room is a sixty-minute experience, but this might vary. The door to the room will unlock after your time is up, whether or not you have solved the puzzle. 

Inside of the room, nothing is off limits! You can touch everything around you as you search for clues, keys, mini-games, and more! It might feel a bit invasive, but you aren’t breaking any rules when you yank the face off of the light switch!

You will not be alone in your escape room. You’ll be working with a team, which you can form yourself. If you are visiting escape rooms as a solo player or couple, a staff member might ask you to join another small party. 

A staff member will also be watching you remotely as you play. In some games, you might be able to ask your staff member for a certain number of clues during play. Either way, they will ensure that everyone stays safe and has a good time!

The goal is to “escape” the room by solving the puzzle before your time is up. At the end of the session, your group will likely have the opportunity to take a picture. Winners often have access to better photo props!

Things to Consider When Choosing Escape Rooms

There are many different types of escape rooms out there, such as the immersive experience at Here are some things to think about when determining if an escape room is right for you.

  • What is the difficulty of the puzzle? Is it appropriate for beginners? For kids?
  • Does it involve scary elements?
  • What is the time limit on the puzzle?
  • Does the escape center offer a pass for multiple puzzles? 
  • Do they require reservations?

If you have the opportunity, definitely give an escape room a shot! Before long you’ll be traveling to seek out the most challenging puzzles out there!

Escape the Doldrums With Escape Rooms!

Whether you crave stimulation or socialization, you’ll find what you need in an escape room! This new form of entertainment is constantly evolving, with new puzzles and themes appearing every day. Consider giving escape rooms a try the next time you’re looking for a unique way to have fun with friends in your home city! 

Don’t be so quick to escape the blog, though! Stick around for more posts that just might inspire your next big adventure! 

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