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Being a stay-at-home mom has many advantages. I manage my own time, plus I can decide which chores to prioritize without being anxious about being watched by a boss. I am the boss of my home. After taking care of the children, and after doing the necessary household chores, I usually look for things to do that might fulfill me. I really wanted to help my husband earn more income at home for our expenses.

That is when I explored network marketing, and it’s proven to be the most convenient income generator for mothers all time! The business of network marketing is reliant on person-to-person sales by independent representatives who are mostly working from their own homes. It is known to have many names such as affiliate marketing, direct-to-consumer marketing, and etc. There are two types of programs when it comes to business, single-tier, and multi-tier. The single-tier program is when you’re the one initiating the sales while you will be the one recruiting salespeople to sell your products to customers in the multi-tier marketing.


Why is Network Marketing convenient for stay-at-home mothers?

I could think of many ways how this kind of business model will undoubtedly be efficient for stay-at-home mothers who are often busy taking care of the house.

  • You don’t need to put in work hours at the office because the income will be based on the products that you can sell, not on how much time you render.
  • It thrusts you out of your comfort zone because you are required to develop a network of people (if you choose the multi-tier marketing) who will assist you in selling. It means you will have interaction with various kinds of people.
  • You only need a modest investment to start with your network marketing.

If you want to get ahead of the tier system, get early on the game. If you’re one of the first marketers who have joined in the tier by recruiting more salespeople under you, you’ll get more commission since the income you generate depends on the sales of the product and the recruitment. Although you must ensure that the company you will be joining is reputable. Thoroughly research must be conducted on the company that you are joining because more often than not, most of these multi-tier companies are scam and just want to generate money.

I am fortunate to be working with BE International as a reputable network marketer due to these considerations:

  • They provide superior quality products that gain trust among my customers.
  • They offer various products to a variety of customers’ needs.
  • The BE International leaders are generous in sharing with their knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Indeed, my journey as a network marketer has yielded positive results for me as I’ve not only generated more income for my household but also learned to become a better entrepreneur. Many might feel discouraged when it comes to venturing into this kind of marketing program may be due to the risks they might be afraid to take or the hesitation of building a network of salespeople.

But do not concentrate on the early challenges that you will be taking. Instead, focus on the future gains that you will be receiving if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and actually start selling. Enjoy the process. This is an opportunity for you when it comes to socializing with more people. And in the process, help your household gain more income for your family.

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