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What Is Laser Treatment for Gum Disease?

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It might have been a while since you visited your dentist. Now, you’re dealing with gum disease. In the past, this only meant scaling and root planing. Today, there’s also the painless laser treatment for gum disease.

Understanding Gum Disease

Having gum disease means that the gums, which hold your teeth in their places, have an infection. Frequently, this infection can go all the way into other tissues and bones, too. Your dentist’s goal is to clean up any signs of infection while also cleaning your teeth in the process. When you add laser gum surgery, the dentist can add another layer of treatment to the mix.

Why Choose Laser Treatment for Gum Disease?

The laser dentistry Richardson, TX trusts consists of cutting-edge technology that not everyone’s using. It requires additional training, expertise, and experience. Lasers allow for minimally invasive treatments. They impress with their ability to perform laser gum surgery while providing care for gum disease.

As your dentist deals with the infection and cleans the mouth, the laser restores your healthy smile. It allows for re-contouring of the gums. In the past, restoring a healthy-looking gum line required the surgical use of a scalpel. However, you don’t have to submit to yesterday’s technology when you have laser treatment for gum disease available.

After your treatment, your mouth looks and feels healthy.

Why Your Dentist Chooses to Use Laser Technology

For the professional, a laser is a versatile tool. Because each patient’s gum disease is different, each one requires various interventions. The laser allows for optimization of power as well as wavelengths. Therefore, you get the treatment that you need.

Besides that, laser technology minimizes bleeding, which boosts patient comfort. It also kills bacteria, which is essential when dealing with gum disease. Finally, this new technology prevents traditional gum swelling after treatment. For you, it means quicker healing.

Look for a Full-Service Dentistry Office

Finding a good-quality dentist isn’t hard. However, locating one who has invested in laser technology takes a bit longer. Frequently, these professionals also offer other high-tech treatments that benefit patients. Examples include:

Of course, this type of specialist also offers general dentistry services and X-rays. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this specialist will use cutting-edge technology even here. Most importantly, you have comprehensive care options at your fingertips if you or a loved one needs it.

Return Your Smile to Its Healthier Self

Find out more about the advantages of laser treatment for gum disease. Don’t continue to suffer from oral pain when relief can be quick, comfortable, and almost pain-free. Connect with Dentistry By Design to learn more about your options. Call 972.752.2901 today.

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