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How to Organize Your Online Content with a Writer’s Journal

Blogging is not the walk in the park many assume it to be. Ideas don’t always flow naturally and organization can often be found wanting. It’s also not enough to simply optimize your blog anymore (though that helps). if you’re not creating consistent, original content, your site will fall by the wayside.

A writer’s journal can alleviate writer’s block and keep your creative juices flowing while also keeping you organized!

Article City has found the best ways to start a successful journal. Ready, Set, Write!

What is a Bullet Journal?

A writer’s journal can be set up many ways, but few are as fun and aesthetically pleasing as a bullet journal.

Designed by Ryder Carroll, a bullet journal is a unique method to organize your life using only a notebook. A bullet journal begins with a blank book that will eventually be comprised of your ideas, schedule, tasks, important dates, and anything else you’d like to include.

Many people have incorporated a bullet journal into their personal life, but you can flex it to fit your professional one as well.

A bullet journal can act as a playground for your blog. Map out future ideas, schedule blogs, and brainstorm new ideas.

Setting Up Your Writer’s Journal

  1. Buy a journal. We recommend a journal with grid dots.
  2. Plan an index. You can refer to this index for inspiration.
  3. Make a legend to help you track your To-Do list, ideas, notes, and references.
  4. Create a future log to plan out your month, quarter, or year.
  5. Now start having fun with your journal!

Tips to Stay Organized

Even the tangibility of a writer’s journal can use a digital nudge. Stay organized with a personal journal app to complement your blogging bullet journal. Manage your time and make notes for yourself while you’re on the go.

Don’t be swayed by the Instagram-perfect bullet journals. Your writer’s journal should mirror your personality and writing style. If you prefer to word-vomit ideas on a page, create a special section for your topic ideas. If you’d like to branch out into guest blogging, make a table to keep track of potential publications.

Staying organized is about more than mirroring other people’s methods. Find out how you work best and set up your journal to reflect that.

You’ll be more eager to fill your journal with new ideas and your schedule will stay happily filled.

Get Creative

Give your journal your own personal touch and a dash of color.

Bullet journals are popular because they’re not as rigid as a pre-designed journal. Dust off the left side of your brain and decorate your journal with pretty pens, sketches, and the ever-so-lovely washi tape.

Washi tape isn’t just tape, it’s pretty tape! Popularized on vlogs and trending sites like Buzzfeed, washi tape is versatile and adds a unique edge to your journal. Choose tapes with a geometric pattern to add some creative structure, or soften the edges with a cheerful floral design. Washi tape can be sold separately or packs with a variety of patterns.

Now What?

Crank out the content in a method that search engines will love! Take your website to the top with an effective content strategy that will lure readers in and have them coming back for more!

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