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What does an eCommerce Developer do?

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What does an eCommerce Developer do?

An area of the digital economy that keeps growing every year, eCommerce has no limits. The global value of eCommerce sales reached $29 trillion in 2017, which is equivalent to 36% of the world GDP. If this doesn’t show how eCommerce is an area to watch for the future, I don’t know what will.

Being able to launch a website on an eCommerce platform like Shopify or Magento is as important as having an innovative or ground-breaking product and for that, you need to hire eCommerce Developers. You can’t get anywhere without first having someone who knows how to work the eCommerce market.


What exactly is an eCommerce Developer?

In 2021 more than 93% of global Internet users have bought something online. There is no doubt that eCommerce opportunities need to be leapt upon by any business of any kind as it can only mean a high chance of sales. This is where an eCommerce Developer comes in.

eCommerce Developers have the job of creating the online shopping experiences that most consumers nowadays have come to expect. They build eCommerce projects from the bottom, often working with a variety of different technologies and platforms.

Through some intense focus on your website’s design, eCommerce developers have the ability to improve and enhance the overall experience customers have when they visit your site. User experience is generally related to a customer’s likelihood of making a purchase, so many businesses hire eCommerce website developers to optimize their websites and in turn, increase the likelihood of a sale.


Why pick an eCommerce developer over a normal website developer?

The design and development process of an eCommerce website requires a whole lot more extensive coding compared to your average website. Therefore, it is better to grab the services of an eCommerce website developer as they will know the tricks of the trade that sets them apart from a normal website developer.

People have started using laptops, mobiles, and other smart devices to search every product before making a final purchasing decision, so your eCommerce developer will be able to create a suitable eCommerce setup for each specific device.

To ensure that your products reach the target audience, an eCommerce website developer can give a proper layout of the webpage and ensure the visitor stays on it for a long time, thus turning your prospects into leads.


Why hire eCommerce web developers when you can create an E-store yourself?

If you’re a small business who’s just getting started, you may not yet require the outside assistance of an eCommerce developer.

However, as your company expands and business starts booming, the platform becomes more complicated and demands more attention, time, and resources to keep it up to date that you alone may not have.

Web development becomes more and more specialized due to the intricacy of programming technologies, the overall workload, and the increasing complexity of the tasks at hand, with programs each having its own set of programming languages, integrating tools, and development approaches.

Financially and practically, it is essentially not possible to assemble a team of full-blown programmers, that’s why a lot of companies opt for the more realistic option of hiring an eCommerce developer specifically for their projects. To top it off, you don’t need to scramble for a local worker. If there is a shortage of specialists in your area you can access the global pool of talent and hire remote eCommerce developers, leaving you with endless options.


When is it time for you to Hire eCommerce Developers?

If you want to build a functioning eCommerce website from scratch but have no expertise or idea what to do, then it’s time to hire eCommerce web developers.

The truth is if you want to build your site from bottom to top, you must be well educated in many different programming technologies to prevent the results being the complete opposite of what you’d originally hoped for. Luckily, there are more than enough eCommerce developers out there for hire who can manage your website all the way through, sparing you from all the extra work and effort.

A full-time eCommerce developer can perform multiple activities for you and meet your needs or even the needs of your clients. Here are some specific general services that you can get when you hire eCommerce web developers:

  • UX design – UX (User Experience) design is responsible for the function, the adaptability of the product, and the emotions it gets in the users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and take the targeted action.
  • UI design- UI (User Interface) design is working on the graphical part of the interface: animations, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos, and fonts.
  • Front-end web design – a front-end developer creates a part of a web page visible to the user. They use frameworks like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, and others to create the structure of a web page.
  • Back-end web development  – the software and hardware part of the service. This is the behind the scenes of what goes on in web development, with all the tedious tasks being included here.
  • Mobile app design – the process includes evaluation, analytics, design, development, testing, bug fixing, release, and post-release support.
  • Custom software development – creating software for your specific needs that can’t be met with commercial off-the-shelf software.
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