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What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems That Exist Today?

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Many people don’t consider the numerous HVAC units they can choose from when adding one to their home or business. But, there are a few distinct HVAC systems to consider, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Just think, you might be missing out on cost savings by choosing an inefficient system for your needs!

So, if you are considering adding an HVAC unit on your property, take notice of the HVAC systems available. We’ll now focus on three different types of HVAC systems that exist today.

Standard Split Systems

Most people will be familiar with a standard heating and cooling split system. They are by far the most frequent kind of HVAC system that people install.

This type of system is divided into two primary parts as it suggests in the name: heating and cooling. These units stand out since they include outdoor and indoor components that are immediately identifiable.

They have an external cooling system that employs compressors, refrigerants, and coils to chill air and a fan to blast away hot air. They are often the bulky air conditioners that you install outside the house and run throughout the summer.

A heating and cooling split system also uses a heater that utilizes gas for heating your home. People tend to house this unit in their basement. An evaporator or fan disperses the hot air.

Hybrid Split Systems

Hybrid systems are similar to split systems, but there are a few crucial distinctions. Such systems are becoming more popular due to their capacity to reduce energy costs thanks to having electric hybrid heating technology built-in. This sets them apart from the other forms of HVAC systems.

These systems give you the option to convert from gas power, which is faster and more comprehensive, to electric power, which is more efficient and quieter. So, residents get the freedom to choose how they wish to heat their property.

Mini-Split Systems

The best HVAC systems for homeowners are the ones that work for specific purposes and the needs of that person. For example, mini-split or duct-free systems are pretty expensive to install. However, they provide benefits to homeowners that other systems do not.

The big draw with these systems is they are easy to install and enable independent operation of the unit. Thus, these types of units are ideal for recent additions to residences, like garages, extensions, or extra buildings.

These HVAC devices are also helpful for services companies like venues and hotels. This is because they let tenants set their own conditions and temperatures. Another advantage is their energy-saving capabilities, since you only heat specific rooms, preventing energy waste in outside or unoccupied rooms.

The Best HVAC Company?

There are many HVAC companies to consider these days in the HVAC industry. Local HVAC installers might be the best place to start.

However, larger companies may deliver more bang for your buck! Learn more about various other HVAC systems and HVAC installers today.

The Many Types of HVAC Systems

In this article, we mentioned three common HVAC system types. There are, however, many types of HVAC systems out there to consider. So, it’s worth doing your homework and researching various other types to see if they fit your specific needs.

We hope you found this post helpful. If so, please feel free to check out more advice and tips on our main blog page.

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