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What Are the Dental Veneers Pros and Cons


You want a brighter, straighter-looking smile. However, maybe nature did not give you the ability to accomplish that smile through simple procedures like teeth whitening. Under these circumstances, you possibly have another option: veneers. So, what are the dental veneers pros and cons? Is this a procedure your dentist offers?

a dentists holds veneer examples to explain dental veneers pros and consPro: Veneers Whiten Your Smile

Whitening your smile is simple with dental veneers. This is one of the most loved dental veneers pros and cons, in fact. Whether you drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or eat foods that stain teeth, you no longer need to worry about discoloration with veneers. These tooth coverings remain your chosen shade of white for the rest of your life with the proper care.

Pro: Flaw Correction

Having veneers fixes minor flaws in your smile, too. They correct slightly crooked or gapped teeth without braces or other orthodontic care. Because veneers attach to the front surfaces of your teeth, the dentist uses them to camouflage minor problems.

Pro: Repairing Damaged Enamel

Enamel wears down over time, from high-pressure tooth brushing or acidic drinks and foods. Your stomach acid can even damage your enamel if you suffer from acid reflux. This material does not grow back. So, when you have dental veneers, you gain an aesthetically pleasing smile without worry for lost enamel.

Con: Cost of Your Veneers

The cost of your veneers depends on your geographic location, the services you need, and your individual dentist. They certainly come at a price. However, if you factor in the self-confidence you gain and your veneers’ permanent smile improvement, you likely find the cost worthwhile.

Con: Permanent Procedure

Once you decide to have veneers placed, your dentist must make room for them to cover your teeth. He does this by removing the outer layer of your enamel. As one of the cons in your dental veneers pros and cons, having veneers is a permanent decision.

Con: Possible Tooth Sensitivity

Some people experience some tooth sensitivity after veneers. However, your dentist can help you find ways to improve how your teeth feel. Sometimes using a toothpaste designed for tooth sensitivity solves the problem. Prescription strength toothpaste is available for this, as well as a wide array of over-the-counter options in your drugstore.

Other Dental Services to Maintain Your Attractive Smile

Whether you choose veneers or continue maintaining your natural smile, you need a variety of dental services throughout your lifetime. Just as before, Zeal Dentistry provides these important services in their Market Street office in downtown San Francisco. Dr. Hornam Sebti joined the Zeal Dentistry practice as its new dentist and looks forward to helping you maintain your most attractive smile.

Dental services offered by Zeal Dentistry include:

Visit Dr. Sebti and everyone at Zeal Dentistry for your consultation. Ask Dr. Sebti about the dental veneers pros and cons. He is happy to help you understand how to make the smile of your dreams a reality. Schedule your visit today by calling 415-792-4771.

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