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A Homeowner’s Guide to Common House Bugs

Pests like bed bugs pose a serious threat and can be extremely hard to remove from your home. Having common house bugs in your home doesn’t always mean you have a dirty house or that you’re unsanitary; bugs will generally find a way into any house.

Don’t panic if you find a bug. Chances are, they can be removed without too much trouble; but it’s a problem that should be immediately addressed.

If you’re a homeowner and you want to know what to look out for when it comes down to bugs, keep reading.

A Guide to Common House Bugs

What’s the difference between flies and fruit flies? Should you leave spiders alone to get rid of pests or should you get rid of them too?

There are many questions when it comes to keeping your home pest-free. We may not have all the answers, but here is some information on the most common bugs.

1. Cockroaches

It makes sense that a lot of people have a fear of cockroaches. They are hardy pests that can take a serious beating and carry on. Cockroaches can enter your house through cracks and pipes, sometimes even flying into your home when attracted to light.

These bugs can carry serious diseases and should be dealt with immediately. Products bought from the store usually don’t work too well on them, so you may want to contact a professional like

2. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are extremely frustrating, as they reproduce very quickly and the problem can get out of hand very fast. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting food and can also gather in pipes, especially those in the kitchen where food may get stuck.

Storing your food in airtight containers is the best way to avoid a fruit fly infestation. If you see them, clean the area immediately and flush all of your drains with a safe cleaner.

3. Ticks

Ticks are usually thought of as a pest you deal with while camping. Unfortunately, ticks can travel into your home, hitchhiking on pets or disease-ridden rodents. While ticks usually don’t cause a major infestation, they can carry disease, so your pets should be regularly inspected.

4. Spiders

Spiders are commonly found in the home, but whether or not you want to get rid of them may depend on a few things. Most spiders are harmless, but others are extremely venomous. If you’re unsure of what kind of spider is in your home, contact a professional.

A few spiders may be welcome, as they’ll help control other bugs that find their way into your home. If you begin noticing too many or they give you the creeps, get a professional to set up a method to deter them.

Pest Problems

If you’re dealing with common house bugs, you’re not alone. Not only can they be frustrating and just plain gross, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. Professionals are useful for ending ongoing problems and positive habits can prevent infestations.

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