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What Are Some Drone Business Ideas?

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Hi, I’m AJ from All Drone School, and I was wondering… What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? There are many to choose from that I will cover in this article, and I am sure there are many more, if you just use your imagination.

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? Surveying, Agriculture, Insurance, Delivery, Real Estate, Films for businesses and movies, Photography, Advertising, Security, Construction, Search and Rescue, Mining and Quarrying, Water Inspection, Sports, Journalism, and MORE!

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? – Introduction.

Written by: AJ Keil

Drones are aircraft systems that are unmanned. It is more of a robot that flies by being controlled by software. It is a form of technological development that has been seen to be evolving tremendously with time. It is made up of light materials that make it possible to fly on very high attitudes.

There are many uses for drones and therefore come in different sizes and types. They are also equipped with different technology that is dependent on their use. Some UAV’s have been specialized with sensors fit for the agriculture industry. Others used for photography have high-resolution cameras fixed to them.

Drones are always evolving to meet the needs

Drones are being manufactured differently to be able to meet the evolving needs in the market. Just recently they have been able to manufacture drones that can be used underwater. Millions of drones are making their way to the market each day as this is a thriving business.


In the past drones have been used solely by the military. This is because they are sensitive devices and hence that was what was okay in those times. But currently, drones are accessible to anybody. They are being used as a hobby and others for commercial purposes. Therefore it is very possible to earn an income by using drones.

9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Startups.

Do you need a special drone license for a business?

This is a very common question asked. Do you need a special drone license for a business? The answer is, yes. A special license is required when using drones for commercial purposes. The laws and regulations governing the use of drones for commercial purposes vary from country to country, therefore, it is good to be conversant with the regulations in place.

A drone requires a special license because of issues like privacy and safety concerns. It’s only when using the drone for commercial purposes or flying it outside that you need to get a special license for operating it. However, this is dependent on some factors like the weight of the drone.

Also in some countries, you are required to take some examinations and you can only get a license if whoever is supervising or controlling the drone has a pilot license. You cannot obtain a special license if you don’t have a remote pilot’s license. Here is how to get that commercial operators license from the FAA. If your business requires a waiver you can get that and the details right here from the FAA as well.


1.) Agriculture

The use of drones in the agriculture sector is really growing and changing agriculture altogether. Drones allow you to survey crops from the air and give an aerial view. This gives critical information about the crops such as if the crops are pest infested, well watered, in need of fertilizer, among others.

In addition, drones can be used in the planting of trees projects. Their ability to fly high and low at the same time is what makes them ideal for crop inspection. If you have a passion for agriculture, adopting the use of drones enables you to carry out effective and good farming. You are able to monitor the crops closely and hence avoid losses from damaged crops.

Drones can also be used in agriculture by being used in the pollination of crops. This ensures quality farming is being done. You can also choose to venture in the business of offering services of drone inspection of farms to big farms and companies. This will generate good income for you and you are assured that the business will thrive.

2.) Surveying

In recent years, surveyors have opted to use drones in carrying out surveys. This is because they offer accurate survey data and within a very short period of time. For this task, there are specially equipped drones that give accurate and 3-dimensional information. Therefore being a surveyor and adding drones to the mix will ensure that you succeed in the business.

DRONE MAPPING & SURVEYING – How to use Portable Ground Control Points.

You can venture in land surveys or cartography, (The science or art of making maps – Britannica) which is good business. You can use drones in surveying and earn income is by making maps and selling them. Their ability to fly high and low and also at a slow speed makes it possible for you to capture quality details that can be used in making maps.

3.) Use of Drones for delivery.

This may not have kicked off yet but it has been tested and proven to work. It actually works in some countries well. Therefore drones can be used in offering delivery services, whereby it can deliver products to customers. Being that this will be very quick and cost-effective makes it a very good business venture.

Some of the products that you can choose to major in, include emergency products like medicine and important and very sensitive documents. Delivery is a great business, especially when linked with online selling. – What are some drone business Ideas? – UPS tests residential drone delivery

Drones can be used to deliver parcels too. It is a business that you are sure will not fail. The only downside is the fact that you can only deliver light products, and fairly short distances (No cross-country deliveries here… YET!). But drones have been able to help make the health industry better by delivering medicine, and even body parts, (heart, lungs, liver, etc.) for transplants in case of emergencies has been seen to save lives.

4.) Insurance

Insurance companies are required to carry out inspections on claims placed in case of damages and verify the causes. They actually hire inspection personnel to carry out this task but some situations are hazardous and unsafe and this is where drone inspection proves to be efficient. Hence offering drone inspection services for insurance companies is another lucrative way to earn income using drones.

Using drones to assess damage for insurance.

Drones cover large areas quickly for insurance

UAV’s are able to access more area than a person can by foot. Sometimes the damage makes it impossible for a person to inspect, while a drone can get to areas that may be unsafe for people to be in. By offering this service you stand a chance to earn good money. This is because insurance is a thriving part of the financial services sector.

It is a business that you are assured to always have clients and hence it gives you a sense of security that your investments, if managed well, will definitely succeed. Having knowledge about insurance is an added advantage in this venture.

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas?

5.) Photography

Photography has always been a lucrative business. When it is combined with the use of drones then it becomes amazing. Drones with high-resolution cameras can be used to take aerial photographs, like the one below from Hawaii.

Aerial photo of Ko-Olina Lagoon, Oahu, Hawaii Blue ocean on right, lagoon in center, green grass and trees, and large building on left.
Aerial photo of Ko-Olina Lagoon, Oahu, Hawaii – Photo by DJ Slane from FreeImages

Aerial images offer a great perspective that cannot compare to those taken on the ground. They offer a wider and larger view. In the past helicopters were used in taking aerial photographs and they were very expensive. However, drones have made it cost effective and also enjoyable.

Drones for Weddings & Wildlife?If you venture in such a business you are able to get opportunities like taking pictures for events like weddings. Not only are you able to take images but also very good videos. Drones can be used in taking images of sports activities like safari rallies and they cover a lot.

Another way to earn money by drone photography is by venturing in wildlife photography. You are able to get good pictures and videos even of dangerous wild animals without being close to them. Therefore if you love photography and passionate about the same, add the drones to it and the results will be splendid.

6.) Inspection of buildings/construction.

If you have a background in building and construction or even inspection of construction, drones can add value to what you do. There will always be construction and they will require an inspection, so offering drone inspection is an amazing business to venture in.

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? – High Rise Building Inspection by UAV.

UAV’s are able to inspect even hazardous and unsafe places that people cannot. For instance, drones can inspect the roofs and chimneys which may be unsafe sometimes. They give detailed information that is seen from the images they take and the video footage they capture.

Drones can inspect hard to reach areas

Drones can also be used to inspect bridges, towers, ships, planes, and more. And in case of damages of the same, they can be used to check the cause. Use of drones in inspecting building constructions is especially good for multi-story buildings.

Large construction companies will go for drone inspection to personal inspection. Therefore offering drone inspection services is a very ideal business that will not disappoint, especially if you have a background in the construction industry.

7.) Selling, repair, and renting of Drones.

This calls for someone to have great knowledge of drones and how they work. If you have this knowledge, then selling of drones can be a very lucrative business. Aside from the sale, you can also offer repair services for the devices because they are fragile and are prone to get damaged.

In addition, being that the devices are very expensive, some people may not want to purchase them, and may opt to just lease. Hence, you can as well choose to lease the devices to people. Having good knowledge of gadgets can also enable you to customize the devices for people.

Whether you choose to sell, repair or lease the drones, any of these are very lucrative. Combining them can bring a lot of financial returns for you. But note this kind of venture requires that you have good capital. Drones are expensive and therefore to start, you should have enough capital to build up a sufficient inventory of product to run your business.

8.) Security surveillance

In the security surveillance sector, drones are creating a great sensation offering new opportunities for business in the area. Drones can be used in offering security services. Being that they are unmanned aircraft, they are able to cover large areas as compared to actual security personnel.

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? Surveillance by Drone.

This idea applies to both home and commercial security. Drones can capture an intrusion live and send it to a person’s phone and therefore enabling them to act accordingly immediately. Big companies would opt for a drone with one security officer that operates it as opposed to several security officers that will require to be distributed in many areas, and still it wouldn’t be 100% secure.

Hence, a business in the security sector whereby you use drones can be extremely profitable. You are assured of business throughout. All you need is to have a pilot that is good at flying the drones and your business is good to go.

9.) Advertising

Marketing is always a good business as businesses and companies will want their products put out there. Sectors that have adopted the use of drones in advertising are real estate, hotels and resorts, among others. This is because drones give an aerial view of properties and hotels too.

It has been said that it is possible to sell more houses when an aerial view of the property is given. This will give you a good view of the whole house and where it is located.

Hotels and resorts want to show what they are able to offer and the great amenities they have. Therefore venturing in advertising using drones is a good business to get into. Being a marketer that uses a drone in their work gives you an upper hand in the industry. All you have to do is to get clients that need aerial visuals, and you are able to pull off the job successfully.

If you are interested in drones and drone related products, then be sure to check out the All Drone School Recommended Products Page here:

10.) Aerobatic Shows

Another opportunity to dabble into is preparing and hosting of shows in which the drone’s race just like it is in horse racing. It sounds like something that might not pay off, but it is a very promising venture. If you are able to do this, you earn income from gambling and bets placed by people that love the sport and come to watch the race.

32BitsOfGil, Fastest Lap, Miami | Drone Racing League.

To be able to run such a show you will require a large amount of capital to start off. You can also earn from such shows by entering the race if you are a good pilot and you are able to control the drone. By winning you make good money by just flying the unmanned aircraft.

11.) Private investigation services/Search and rescue services

Private investigation requires that you look for information. Situations, where a private detective may be needed, could include kidnap cases or cases of infidelity in a marriage. Some situations like kidnapping cases may be calling out for rescues. Hence, starting a business in a private investigation will earn you income as it is a business with potential.

UAV’s get limitless information and signals. They can get very far and even beyond what a person can do. Hence, they are very good in private investigations and ensure you are able to deliver. This gives you credibility and the business is able to succeed.

Drones can be used in rescuing. Especially in instances when someone is trapped in a burning house and they are able to detect and send the location of the person to the rescuers. The same goes for someone who may be lost in a forest, or in the mountains. Having drones that can do these great things can earn you good money.

12.) Journalism

Many drones have become a very crucial part of journalism in recent years. UAV’s are able to earn you money through journalism as you can get news footage and sell them to the media houses. The unmanned aerial systems are used to document and record video footage that are used in reporting news. You can choose to be a free-lance journalist that collects information and videos and sells them to media houses, or your local news channel.

WSBT-TV – Local drone operators are mostly pleased with new rules proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Drone 22 – All Drone School

Drones have resorted to media houses earning income in that they are cost effective and can reach where journalists cannot be able to. They have been used to record news during wars and even accidents

13.) Training on the use of drones

If you are conversant with the drones, their uses and how to operate them, then offering to teach and train people about them is an ideal way of earning income. Experience with technology and being a certified pilot will make it easy for you to start a teaching business on drones.

Take a drone flying course here! ABJ Drone Academy

As drones are gaining more popularity, more people are getting interested in learning about them and how to fly them. For this venture, you will be required to have a UAV and a Simulation program. This will be what you use in teaching your students.

Some companies are adopting the use of drones especially those dealing with oil. They may, therefore, be the market that you will be satisfied by starting a coaching business. You get the opportunity to go and train their staff. Therefore, this business will definitely pay off if executed well.

14.) Selection business.

Drones can be used for various tasks. Therefore they are different and vary from one purpose to the other. Most people may not be aware of this and therefore starting a business whereby you offer consultancy services on the best drone that suits a person’s needs for their business is a good venture.

Companies will come to you for you to help them in deciding and choosing the best drone that suits the needs of their business. This kind of business is ideal in the sense that all you need is to have a good knowledge of drones and what works best for what kind of business. Consulting business has always been able to pay a good income.

15.) Film making.

Another way of earning income by use of drones is venturing in the film industry. The film industry has been booming and generates good income. Drones are offering professional filmmakers with a less expensive way of filming and a way that is more versatile. What sells a good movie is the quality of the images. Use of drones in this industry will result in you making good money from the videos recorded.

You can also make short informational films for businesses, an aerial view of their business, and their products. (Cars, RV’s, Boats, Planes, Tractors, etc.)

Money can also be earned through YouTube. By using the drones to record aerial videos of sensational places in the world and posting it on YouTube will earn you money especially if you have a YouTube channel.

16.) Water inspection.

Availability of submersible drones just recently has made it possible for drones to carry out water inspection. Paying a professional diver is quite expensive and therefore a drone offers a cheap alternative.

Underwater ship inspection | Blueye Pioneer underwater drone.

Companies dealing with water help will require inspection of water and this is where you come in. It is a business that you can thrive in the sense that drone water inspection is cost effective and hence you will get clients. Marine companies and research institutions are some of the companies to source for your expertise.

The quality of water can also be examined in lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, flood waters, etc.

17.) Entertainment industry

Another way of earning income by using drones is venturing in the entertainment industry. Drones are being used to give light in shows and concerts. The drone lights get synchronized to the music giving a splendid show.

Southwest China Puts on Dazzling Drone Show.

This venture may require you to have a lot of capital to be able to purchase a number of drones. The light drones are beating the use of fireworks by a long shot. The entertainment industry has been known to boom with the business thriving greatly. Therefore taking your drone to the entertainment world will surely earn you good money.

18.) Sports

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? – Best Extreme Sports Drone Videos
Get ready to have your mind blown by this compilation of the very best extreme sports drone videos on the net.

You can venture in sports and use drones to earn yourself good money. A way to go about this is by targeting athletes and using the drones to help them in analyzing their running techniques. You could also venture in the filming sports events and getting teams to hire you to help them in strategy and training. Sports will always pay off, because it is enjoyed and played by many people.

19.) Mining and quarrying industry.

“Little Drone” | Airware Solution for Mining & Quarrying

Drones are used in stock-taking of stock materials like gravel and stone. These materials are what is mostly found in the quarries and mining sites. Hence targeting this industry and having a drone that has sensors with the ability to collect and store data automatically will result in you earning income from the drones.

20.) Real Estate

The 2 Most Overlooked Drone Business Opportunities In Real Estate.


·Any form of drone business requires aggressive marketing. Getting those first customers to believe in you is the difficult part. But the good news is that after getting them you are good to go. However, you must be aggressive in your marketing strategies and advertisement. Make sure you are able to convince them that you know what you are doing and that you are really good at it.

·Get insurance. Drones are fragile devices that can be damaged easily. Look out for insurance policies that will protect you from losses while doing the business using drones. Insurance offers your drone protection as well as your clients.

·Go that extra mile with your client.

Remember getting clients is really difficult, so it is important to make sure you are able to maintain them. The best way to do this is by offering complimentary services to your clients. If its photography takes both aerial and ground images.

·Get a website for your business. Drone businesses are in the form of service and not a product hence it is wise to showcase your business in the website. As it is said going online is the way to do business in this era. Therefore having a website will be a plus for your business.

·Differentiate yourself from your competitors. The only way to earn good money by using drones to offer services is by differentiating your business from others. Being that drone business is the thing at the moment it is good to set yourself apart from the rest of the similar businesses.

·Last but not least is by being persistent. Don’t quit if it does not work the first time keep on trying and keeping up with the trends in the world.

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas? – CONCLUSION:

Drone businesses go beyond photography and video taking. There are other great options to be pursued like survey taking, mapping, and inspections. Drones are the new tech taking over the technology of today. First, before starting any kind of drone business, it is good to check out the rules and regulations that govern local operations of drones in a country. Every country follows different procedures for using drones.

Another key thing to focus on is to evaluate your strengths in the business and the market demand you wish to satisfy. This way you make sure that you don’t go into business blindly and end up making losses. Drones are very expensive devices and if not careful you could incur a lot of losses.

Drone use is affecting a number of industries.

For instance the entertainment industry, the news reporting industry, construction industry, health industry, and even mining. All these have opted to use drones to carry out various activities like inspection, collecting data, and even stock taking. Therefore drone businesses are going to be big. It is becoming one of the most profitable businesses to venture in.

Aside from being very profitable, drone businesses are a sure thing because it is the new thing in technology and over the years it has been improving. We can see from the fact that it was only used in the military a few short years ago, but now there are many commercial uses of drones. It is cost effective and gives maximum output.

Know HOW your drone works, and CONTROL it!

Drone businesses are also very easy to carry out. There are no technical requirements. One just needs to understand how the devices work and are able to control them.

Easy to understand – how drones work!

So yes, it is true, you can earn money from your drone. From consultancy to surveys and agriculture. Drones are taking over the world, both the corporate and technology sectors of the economy. So I hope you pinpointed a way to earn an income using a drone (or drones) from this article on…

What Are Some Drone Business Ideas?

Thanks for reading, What Are Some Drone Business Ideas?, and be sure to check out the rest of by articles here at All Drone School! and please feel free to share these articles with someone today! 🙂 AJ


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