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Xbox Game Pass Guide for New and Returning Players

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If you a new Xbox member, you have heard about Xbox Game Pass.

It is a subscription service open to all Xbox members.

One reason the Xbox Game Pass is popular is because it comes with an entire library of games.

It is a Netflix style subscription where you can download unlimited games to your drive.

There are over 100 games for PC and console users.

And since most gamers are shifting from a single purchase to monthly subscriptions, Xbox has come up with one of the best subscriptions.

The plan is affordable and offers many benefits to Xbox members.

Whether you are using a console, PC, or a smart device, you can subscribe to Game Pass.

To help you understand Game Pass, here is a detailed beginner’s guide.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for gamers from Microsoft.

You can use it with Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or Android devices.

Instead of Xbox gamers paying for every video game they want to play, they can pay $9.99 per month to have unlimited access to more than a hundred games.

Unlike other gaming subscription plans from other companies, Xbox Game Pass has several benefits.

Once you pay the subscription fee, you can download games to your console or PC, and then play like you have purchased them all.

However, you need to note that Game Pass is separate from other Xbox subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold.

Fortunately, you can use Xbox Game Pass even without paying for Live Gold.

With Xbox Game Pass, several plans include one for the console, one for PC, and the Xbox Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass for PC goes for $9.99 per month.

Here you access over 100 PC games, new games are added often, and there are great deals and discounts for members.

Moreover, you get the first month at $1.

If you choose Xbox Game Pass for Console, you will access over 100 console games, new titles are added regularly, and there are deals and discounts for members.

Also, the price is $9.99 per month; Xbox Pass Ultimate is most popular.

This is a popular plan that comes with several benefits.

With the plan, you can access over 100 games on your PC, console, or android device.

What is Game Pass Ultimate?

As explained above, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a plan that comes with many benefits.

It includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold among others.

The difference between other Xbox Pass plans and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is that Ultimate comes with all the benefits of the regular Game Pass and for Xbox Live Gold.

This means you can access over 100 quality games for PC, console, and Android devices.

Also, new titles are added to the plan regularly.

There are great deals and discounts for members, and you can easily play the games on your smartphone or tablet from the cloud.

Also, there are amazing Xbox Live Gold deals and a library of great Electronic Arts titles, discounts and rewards, and content for members only.

How does Game Pass for PC work?

Since many people are now playing Xbox games on PCs, it is important to know how it works.

With Xbox Game Pass for Windows PC, you get access to a Game Pass library on your computer.

There are two ways on how you can access Xbox Game Pass for PC.

You can install the Xbox app or go for an option where no installation is needed.

Players can access Xbox Game Pass on PC through the Xbox App

The simplest way to access Xbox Pass on your computer is by installing the app.

Install the Xbox App

First, download the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC.

Go to the Microsoft Store and search for Xbox Beta App.

Then Log-in using your Microsoft account; Here, the Game Pass will surface on the first screen.

You can search for the games you want to play; Download and then install them on the PC.

Start the games via the App or use a shortcut formed during installation.

Access Xbox Pass on PC through the Microsoft Store

With Windows 10 PC, you can find Xbox Game Pass on the Microsoft store.

It is on Windows 10 by default; We need no additional installation.

Compared to the first option of downloading the App, this method is challenging.

However, if you do not want to install the Xbox App, this option can work for you.

Just open the Microsoft Store and then select My Library to view the content that you own.

When you search for Game Pass, it will show games included with Game Pass.

How much does Game Pass cost?

They price the Xbox Pass for PC at $9.99 monthly; This comes with over 100 PC games.

The price for Xbox Game Pass for the console is $9.99.

It also includes over 100 Xbox console games; Xboxme Pass ultimate costs $14.99 monthly.

This includes Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game pass for console games, Xbox Live Gold, and EA play.

Also, xCloud gaming is part of the plan at no additional cost.

The good news is that you can choose to cancel the subscription at no additional cost.

Is there a Game Pass App?

There is a Xbox Game Pass App; Here, you can access over 100 high-quality games.

They make the Game Pass App for all mobile devices.

It helps Xbox members to use the plan remotely; You can use it on your smartphone or tablet.

With the Xbox Pass App or Beta, you can play over 100 games, use the app to search and download games to your Xbox console or PC, get notifications about new titles, and save money through deals and promotions.

If you are using Android to download the App, it is straightforward.

You only need to follow and few steps and you will install the app for free.

First, open the Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Search for Xbox Game Pass App.

Then select the Xbox Game Pass from the listings.

Select it so that it can install on your device.

Once downloaded, the Beta app will be ready for use; You can use it to search and download games.

You can also download the app for your iPad or iPhone; But you need to register through a form.

The moment Microsoft has your personal details; they will invite you for a registration.

How to create a Xbox Game Account

Creating a Xbox Pass account is easy.

The first step is to visit and then head to the Game Pass page.

At the Game Pass page, click on Join Now button to get started.

You will move to a section where you will find three plan options.

There is the Ultimate plan, Game Pass for PC, and Game Pass for console.

The most recommended plan is the Xbox Pass ultimate.

It is just $5 more but has so many benefits.

With the plan, you will get Xbox Live gold deals and you can play games on your Android or iPhone devices.

The next step is to subscribe.

Click on the Join for $1 button where you will move to the sign-in section.

If you do not have an account, you can create one.

However, if you already have an account, just log-in.

Once you fill in the details, click next.

After successfully signing in, it will take you to the Game Pass Ultimate Plan or any other plan you have signed up for.

Happily, it is just $1 for the first month.

After clicking the Join button, you will move to the next page where it explains the benefits of upgrading your account to Game Pass Ultimate.

Then it will show how much they will charge you for the 1st month and the amount charged afterward.

The next step is to click “Next” to choose a payment method.

You can pay through a credit card, PayPal, or mobile phone.

Then you will get a notification saying thank you for your subscription.

You will also receive an email with instructions related to the account.

Then close the page and you are good to go.

Who to contact if Xbox Game App is not working?

If the Xbox game pass is not working, you can visit the Xbox Support page for troubleshooting issues.

Whether the app has crashed, the external apps are blocking game streaming, or the app is too slow, you can easily get help.

The page has all the information you need concerning the app problem.

All you need is to follow the steps to fix the problem.

But if you still need help, you can chat online, request a call, and much more.

What are the Game Pass Benefits?

Xbox Game Pass has become popular among Xbox members.

Since it is a service that allows gamers to pay $9.99 every month and enjoy over 100 games, more and more people are subscribing to the plan.

Below are some Xbox Pass benefits.

1. It is easy to all–Xbox Game Pass is a service that is easy for anyone.

As long as you have enough storage on your hard drive and time to play games, you can easily download a lot of games.

There are no hidden charges, no struggle, or a long process to subscribe.

Just your PC or console, your controller, and an immense library of games.

2. It has numerous offline single-player games–If you are looking for offline single-player games, then Game Pass is for you.

The service has a wide selection of all kinds of games.

Even though there are games for multiplayer lovers, the list is endless.

3. Xbox Game Pass is affordable–It is cheap to subscribe to the service.

You will get unlimited access to over 100 games for just $9.99; This is the cheapest way to find your best games.

4. You install games–Instead of streaming games to your console, the Game pass gives you a chance to download and install games on your preferred hard drive.

So, whether you have a slow internet connection or other issues, you can still play your favorite games.

Where can I go for Xbox Pass Customer Service?

If you are having issues with your Game Pass, the most reliable place to get help is at Xbox Game Pass support.

Once you visit, you will get help.

Various sections provide information on how to fix the problems.

In this section, there is information about games, account, or other problems you might encounter.

Other places where you can go for Xbox Pass customer care include Xbox Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, you can join the Game Pass community on various forums to learn more about the service and how you can fix technical problems.

However, it is important to seek help from reliable sources.

Keep in mind that you might use personal data when dealing with a Game Pass account.

Therefore, do not seek help from unreliable sites.

Are there Xbox Game Deals?

Yes, there are many Xbox Game Pass deals.

You can get the deals from Microsoft or third-party retailers.

You may get a discount when purchasing Xbox Pass or you can get a free month of subscription once you subscribe.

Some of the best places where you can hunt for Game Pass deals include Microsoft store, Amazon, and other major gaming stores.

However, it is important to learn more about these deals.

Do not rush for a particular deal before checking other stores.

Some deals are better than others; Also, some retail stores have monthly deals.

Does Game Pass have Elder Scrolls Online?

One of the most sought games on Game Pass is Elder Scrolls, among other grand titles.

The good news is that Elder Scrolls is absolutely free on Game Pass.

You do not need to pay extra money to have this game.

Elder Scrolls is a role-playing action video game that has won awards from multiple outlets.

With over 50 million copies sold, it is a popular game to play.

It is part of the Xbox Game Pass library and among the most download games on Game Pass.

Is there Xbox Pass Family Sharing?

Family sharing is available for Xbox Game Pass.

If you have subscribed to Xbox Pass, you can share it with your family members.

This means people under your roof do not need to subscribe to the plan.

But first, they require you to set-up your Xbox console as your home Xbox.

Then any video game you download has access to profiles that log-in to your home Xbox console.

Below are the steps on how to do Xbox Game Pass family sharing :

1. Turn on the console to set it up as a Home Xbox console.

2. Sign-in with the account that has Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This will ensure you share the benefits with accounts that log-in to the Xbox console.

3. Now press the Xbox button at the top-center of the Xbox controller; A guide will pop-up.

4. Once the guide pops up, navigate to the system using the direction pads or the thumb stick.

5. Then go to the settings and press A; The gear icon will be the first option in the menu.

6. Now navigate to personalization and then press A for the second option.

7. Go to My Home Xbox and press A.

8. Navigate to the Make this My Home Xbox button and then Press A.

If the box reads, Remove My Home Xbox, it shows that it’s set for family sharing; Do not change the feature.

Any profiles that log-in to the Home Xbox can use Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold services.

Also, they can access games and any other downloadable content.

Remember, you can change the Home Xbox feature a minimum of five times a year.

What are some Xbox Pass Best Games?

The cheapest way to get a wide variety of Xbox games is by subscribing to the Game Pass.

Once you subscribe to Game Pass, you can access over 100 high-quality games.

From the most sought games to the classic ones, there are games for all.

Whether you are using your Windows PC or Xbox console, you can subscribe to Game Pass.

Top Games on Game Pass

1. Minecraft–One of the best games you can find on Xbox Game Pass is Minecraft.

It is a game for young kids and adults; It is a sandbox survival game released in 2011.

2. Gears 5–One more popular game you can find on Game Pass is Gears 5.

It is a third-person shooter gamer released in 2019.

3. Halo: Master chief collection–For lovers of the Halo series, you can find the best on Game Pass.

Halo: Master chief collection is a first-person shooter game released in 2014.

4. Forza Horizon 4–It is among the best racing video games on Game Pass.

Released in 2018, Forza Horizon 4 is a game for both young and adults.

5. Sea of Thieves–This is a great action-adventure video game you can play once you subscribe to Game pass.

It is a great game for teens released in 2018.

6. Celeste–For platform video game lovers, Celeste is a popular game you can access once you are on Game Pass.

They released the game in 2018, and it is for everyone above 10 years.

7. Frostpunk–This is a survivor game for adults; They released it in 2018 and it’s one of the best Xbox game Pass games.

8. Among us–This is a social deduction game kids and adults play once they subscribe to Game Pass.

9. Rainbow Six Siege–If you have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can play Rainbow Six Siege.

This is a tactical video game for mature people released in 2015.

Popular Xbox Games

10. Alan Wake–Another great action-adventure game on Game Pass is Alan Wake.

It is a great video game for teens released in 2010.

The game story follows the best-selling novelist Alan Wake.

11. Gears Tactics–Gears Tactics is now on Xbox Game Pass.

This is a turn-based tactics video game for mature people.

They released it in 2020, and it is an interesting but challenging game to play.

12. Night in the Woods–If you want to play Night in the Woods but you think it is expensive, you can find it on Xbox Game Pass.

It is a single-player adventure video game released in 2017.

13. Mass Effect–This is a great science-fiction video game on Xbox Game Pass.

Released in 2017, the game has become a popular video game among Xbox members.

14. TitanFall 2–Another fantastic title first-person shooter game to download on Game Pass.

They released it in 2016 and has a ESRB rating of Mature.

15. No Man’s Sky–For teenagers who love action-adventure video games, they can find the No Man’s Sky game on Game Pass.

It is an outstanding game released in 2016.

16. Destiny 2–Destiny 2 is one of the best first-person shooter games you can find on Xbox Game Pass.

The game was released in 2017 and has remained one of the best games all over the world.

17. Observation–Adventure puzzle lovers can find Observation on Game Pass.

They released the game in 2019 and it is one of the best games downloaded by adults on Game Pass.

18. Dead by Daylight–If you love action and survivor horror games, download Dead by Daylight once you subscribe to Game Pass.

It is a survivor horror game released in 2016.

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