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WeTheStrip Pioneers a New Era in Adult Entertainment with a Comprehensive and Ethical Online Directory


Brooklyn, NY, May 30, 2023— WeTheStrip, an emerging online platform focusing on the adult entertainment industry, is poised to disrupt conventional notions associated with strip clubs.

More than just a listing or rating service, this innovative platform prioritizes safety, consent, respect, and inclusivity, fundamentally transforming the dynamic between patrons and dancers.

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized, and industries must adapt to this evolution or be left behind. The adult entertainment industry has been no exception. But until now, there was a distinct void in the market.

WeTheStrip seeks to fill that void by introducing a comprehensive online directory that goes beyond just providing locations and ratings.

The mission of WeTheStrip is twofold. Firstly, it aims to build a robust and secure platform that guides patrons to their preferred establishments and promotes ethical practices within the adult entertainment industry.

Secondly, it champions an inclusive and respectful environment that challenges conventional norms and attitudes toward strip clubs.

The vision driving WeTheStrip is to create a world where exploring one’s wild side is always consensual, safe, and respectful.

By striving to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with adult entertainment, WeTheStrip aspires to make the world a more fun and inclusive place – one strip club at a time.

What We Offer

WeTheStrip stands apart with a broad spectrum of resources that assist individuals in making informed decisions about their strip club experiences. The unique offerings of the platform include:

  • Comprehensive Listings: An all-inclusive directory of strip clubs, providing users with up-to-date information based on their location. This service eliminates the need for customers to spend precious time researching the perfect spot for their night out.
  • Customer Reviews: Authentic ratings and reviews from real customers, providing a transparent and balanced view of different establishments. This feature ensures patrons make the best choice that suits their preferences and expectations.
  • Educational Content: Informative articles and resources on essential topics like consent, safety, and respectful behavior within the adult entertainment industry. By creating a knowledge base, WeTheStrip aims to foster a more informed, respectful community of patrons and dancers.
  • Inclusive Listings: Listings designed to cater to various preferences and communities, actively promoting diversity and inclusivity within the adult entertainment industry. The platform aims to ensure everyone feels comfortable, accepted, and respected.

Our Commitment

At the heart of WeTheStrip is a genuine commitment to improving the adult entertainment industry’s landscape. The platform prioritizes diversity and inclusivity in its listings, encouraging strip clubs to adopt and uphold ethical and responsible practices.

WeTheStrip’s commitment extends beyond simply providing information. The company is dedicated to creating a significant shift in how the adult entertainment industry is perceived and operates.

By advocating for a safe, inclusive, and respectful industry, WeTheStrip is committed to establishing a new standard for adult entertainment.

Join Us

WeTheStrip invites you to join its mission to create a more positive and inclusive adult entertainment industry.

Together, we can contribute to making it a safer and more enjoyable space, one strip club at a time.

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About WeTheStrip:

WeTheStrip is an innovative platform committed to revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry. The company provides comprehensive strip club listings, real customer reviews, and educational resources for patrons and dancers alike, all underpinned by a mission to promote safety, inclusivity, and ethical practices within the industry.

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