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Wedded Bliss On A Shoestring Budget: Inexpensive Wedding Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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You’re finally going to say “I do” with your special someone, but what about all the preparations leading up to that magical day? If you’re looking for fun wedding ideas that won’t break the bank, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can still have the best day of your life without spending a fortune. There are many elements of an unforgettable wedding that won’t cost you a lot as long as you take the time to find them.

With some frugal wedding ideas, your guests will still think you spent a pretty penny planning the most magical wedding possible.

Keep reading for our inexpensive wedding ideas when you’re on a strict budget.

Finding The Perfect Location

One element of a wedding that usually costs the couple a lot is the venue that will host their wedding. When it comes to finding the perfect venue you may get away with finding a free one.

Does a friend or a family member have a huge backyard that’s ready to throw the best wedding? Or do you know a restaurant owner with a backroom that isn’t being utilized for a day? Finding the venue for your wedding can be as easy as asking around and seeing what people are able to offer.

Avoid Having Too Many Guests

When it comes to your wedding you should want your closest friends and family to be there supporting you so don’t go overboard when it comes to the guest list. Inviting too many people to your wedding is a quick way for the price to shoot up. The more people you invite, then the more space you will need and the more mouths you will have to feed.

To have an inexpensive wedding you’re going to want it to be intimate. So when planning your wedding guest list you should only include the people who you really want to be there. Don’t just invite someone because you feel obligated too.

It is your day! So having the people that you want at your wedding is the most important.

The Wedding Pictures

Everyone wants pictures of their special day but sometimes this will eat a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. You can ask guests to take photos with their smartphones and upload them to Eversnap where you can create your own website dedicated to your wedding photos. You can also have guests use a hashtag on Instagram so you can look through all the photos after.

You’re still going to want some professional photos though. Hiring a photographer for the ceremony and a few pictures of your wedding party and family members afterward isn’t going to break the bank. This way you can have a mixture of professional photos and photos from your friend and family’s perspectives.

DIY Catering

Do you have a mother or other family members that love to cook? Try to enlist them in helping you with the catering. Your friends and family can make your favorite foods for your wedding just the way you like them. Obviously, you will want to give them a nice thank you gift afterward.

Having a buffet-style reception dinner is one of the most affordable because you won’t need extra waitstaff for your guests. Another option is to hire a family-owned restaurant to cater your wedding. Hiring a family-owned restaurant will help you with your budget and they will want to make your day special.

Dance The Night Away

One thing you won’t want to forget is the wedding DJ. You will want to find a good and affordable wedding DJ because they really help to move your night along. You will want to be partying and dancing the night away after you say “I do.” You will also want someone else to worry about what songs to play and when the speeches should happen.

Minimal Flowers

Everyone knows that flowers are a huge part of any wedding but you don’t have to blow your entire budget on them. You can stick with a small bouquet for the bride and a single rose for each of the bridesmaids.

If you know someone who has a beautiful flower garden, then you might even consider asking them to help you. You can make your own bouquets by cutting flowers the night before.

Another more affordable option for your wedding flowers would be to go with fake flowers. Spending money on flowers that will just die soon after is a waste. Fake flowers you can keep around as memorabilia of your perfect wedding day.

Decorations From The Dollar Store

You may be shocked to know that many people actually utilize the dollar store to make their own wedding decorations. Dollar stores have awesome candles, candle holders, vases or even fake flowers and greenery that you can use as centerpieces for the tables at your wedding.

There are tons of do it yourself projects you can make to decorate your wedding and they’re all made from items you can find at your local dollar store. These projects can turn out so beautiful that your guests will have no idea you got all the supplies from the dollar store. They may not even know that you are the one who made them!

Look For An Affordable Wedding Ring

No one needs to know the price of your wedding ring so don’t pick one just because it has a huge price tag. If you fall in love with a ring that’s on the pricier side, then you might be able to find one similar but with a smaller price tag.

There are plenty of good wedding rings out there that don’t cost a fortune. Sterling silver or titanium make great wedding rings but are on the less expensive side. Your wedding ring is something that you will be wearing every day but it doesn’t need to cost you months and months worth of paychecks.

Inexpensive Wedding Ideas For You

Before looking into how much everything is going to cost you, sit down and create a budget for your wedding. There will be some elements that you want to spend more on such as the dress or the food, while others can take the inexpensive route.

Hopefully, you can incorporate all or some of these inexpensive wedding ideas into your special and memorable day.

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