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Warehousing and Distribution at Expedite

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Warehousing and distribution is a major part of any supply chain. Without these, trying to fulfill customer orders can be a logistical nightmare. Having the store space, man power, and and time to deal with everything can be difficult, especially for a burgeoning small business.

Leveraging the reach of larger distribution companies like Expedite Delivery System can enable your business to engage with a larger geographic area. That means more exposure and more sales for you. It allows you to be more efficient when it comes to fulfilling customer orders and grants you more time to spend running your company.


The Problem with Doing Warehousing and Distribution Yourself…

Lack of Space

Let’s say you’re starting a t-shirt printing business. You sell 50 different designs offered on 10 different colors of shirt and in four sizes. Already, to just have one shirt in each color, size, and design, you’ve got 2,000 shirts sitting around. Not only do you have to put up the money to get these printed, you also have to store the product (warehousing). You could rent commercial space, but if you are just starting out you might not have the revenue to justify that expense.

And you think your dresser is full now…

Lack of Resources

Then you have to fulfill the order when a customer places it. There are a lot of logistics involved and a lot of resources needed for this. You could attempt to store the product in your home, but you might need a special permit for that depending on where you live. If your company is doing enough business, picking and packing (fulfillment) orders could be a full-time job in its own right.

Lack of Ability

Then comes the shipping (distribution) of the orders. You could use a private parcel service, but this would get expensive and you would have to schedule individual deliveries yourself. Going this route might be doable, but it is certainly not scalable. Being forward-thinking when it comes to the growth of your business and brand is the only way to build success.

The Expedite Way of Fulfillment

Expedite Delivery System solves all of these problems with our warehousing and distribution services. We will act as an extension of any existing warehouse or logistics team you might have. We handle storing, fulfillment, and distribution of your product so you can work on growing your business. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, a little or a lot, dedicated or on-demand, Expedite can meet and exceed your fulfillment needs.


Flexibility and Convenience

Using our facilities and our trucks for warehousing and distribution means you as the business owner do not have to invest in those things yourself. If you deliver goods to businesses and homes, this can be a huge overhead expense. You might not be willing or able to take on such a huge financial commitment yet. We customize pricing to fit your needs and will make sure your products are stored securely and your shipments are delivered on time.

Schedule your routes if your customers are on a subscription plan, or get same day delivery within the local area. You and your customers can track any order electronically, whether in storage or en route.

We don’t cut corners because you don’t cut corners. You will be 100% satisfied because we know that’s what you want. We have an unmatched commitment to excellence and want to leave all of our customers, and yours, with the best possible courier experience.

Call Expedite Delivery System today and let’s talk about taking your business to the next level.

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