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Mold Testing and Removal in Fairfield County CT

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Mold testing and removal in Fairfield County CT is a big problem.

You can find it in your basement, attic, kitchen and bathroom.

Anywhere there is water or moisture is likely to grow mold.

This can be a costly problem that can also make you and your

family physically ill.  Below are a few case studies of Fairfield County

Connecticut homeowners who found out the hard way.



Mold Removal for Laura M. of Greenwich CT

One example is Laura M. of Greenwich CT. She never noticed a problem in the past.  One day she went down to the basement and there was a strange smell.  She described it as the smell of old dirty towels. This was a definite red flag. This smell can be described as musty, stale or even earthy. It is never good when a client says this because we know what we are facing.  It’s the spores that mold fungi naturally produce. Laura was fearful that this smell could make her and her Fairfield County CT family sick. We agreed and made a same day mold inspection and testing appointment for her Greenwich CT home.

We quickly dispatched our certified mold inspector to Laura’s Greenwich CT home. He began his investigation after asking Laura a series of questions.  This is designed to understand both the history of the home and the mold prevention habits of the homeowner.  It turned out that she did not have a dehumidifier. A Dehumidifier draws the moisture out of the air. This is a critical appliance when you have a dark damp basement. Regardless of whether you live in Fairfield County CT or not, a moist basement will develop mold.

The mold inspection also showed suspect mold growth in the closet under the basement stairs. We found precisely what Laura had described.  A pile of wet pool towels up against the sheet rocked closet wall.  These wet towels caused mold growth on the closet sheet rocked wall surfaces in her Greenwich CT home.

The inspector then tested the wall to find out what species and toxicity of mold we were dealing with.  He then took air testing to see how much of this contamination was airborne in Laura’s Greenwich CT home. After answering all of Laura’s questions, the inspector thanked her and promised we would call her by weeks end.


Certified Mold Removal Inc. takes great pride in our fast response times. We also take mold testing and removal services very seriously. The mold testing is a critical first step in the analysis of this type of problem. Professional Mold removal services without laboratory mold testing never has a good outcome. It’s like a doctor performing surgery without first testing the patient. In this case, the patient is Laura’s Greenwich CT home.

A few day’s passed and the testing results were back from the laboratory. They showed that the mold growing in Laura’s basement closet was Stachybotrys. Also known as black mold, Stachybotrys is the most toxic mold there is. The air testing proved Laura’s worst fears. This Stachybotrys mold was indeed circulating in the air of her Greenwich CT home.

After a long discussion Laura decided she wanted no part of this Stachybotrys mold in her Fairfield County CT home. She made an appointment for us to come perform mold remediation services. We were out there the next day to begin.

The crew began by installing a mold removal containment system. This is designed to prevent any cross contamination in her Greenwich CT home. We also set up a series of commercial air cleaning machines. These machines pull out the contaminated air from the basement of their Greenwich CT home.  We also installed one on the first and second floors.  We started by HEPA vacuuming the top layer of loose Stachybotrys mold from her closet wall. After carefully removing the infected sheet-rock we HEPA vacuumed the newly exposed framing. Then cleaned the framing using a mold removing fungicide.

After the contamination was gone, we put Laura’s closet wall back together. We also made sure that she finds a different place for the wet pool towels. She was so grateful that she gave us a glowing review on-line. Another Fairfield County CT mold removal and testing happy ending for Certified Mold Removal Inc.

Mold Testing and Removal for Steve M. of Stamford CT

Another example is Steve M. of Stamford CT.  Steve told us that he had been putting off calling for a mold testing and removal company.  Money was tight but things have suddenly changed. His wife is now getting sick. She consulted her family physician regarding her sudden and prolonged illness. The doctor chose to run her bloodwork.  The test results showed mold in her system. She was told to have mold testing done in her Stamford CT home. The doctor told her he has seen this many times before. When presented with the bad news, Steve had a sudden change of heart. He called us right away.

Our professional mold testing specialist sat down with Steve and his wife and began discussing the symptoms she was experiencing.  Then the conversation turned to the history of their Stamford CT home. Previous water damage, and if they have noticed anything physical.  They told him that last fall they took in some water in their basement. Heavy rains from the last hurricane brought this on.

All three went down to the basement where our inspection specialist went to work. The inspector first noticed a musty smell. During his assessment he detected black mold like staining in one corner of the drywall. When he pried loose a section of baseboard molding he realized why there was an airborne mold problem in their Fairfield County Connecticut home.  The water damage that Steve mentioned was the source of their black mold problem. The inspector then took a physical mold test of the drywall. Then he performed mold testing of the air in their Stamford CT  home.

When we received the laboratory testing results back their worst fears were confirmed.  Steve’s wife was indeed getting sick from the air in their home. The contamination was Stachybotrys which is the most toxic of all species. The mold testing results in their Stamford home confirmed this. Now that the mold detection and assessment was complete it was time to get to work.

The crew from Certified Mold Removal Inc. arrived 9:00AM the next morning.  They zoned off their basement from the rest of their Fairfield County CT home with a containment barrier. Then set up professional air cleaning machines in their basement. After that they began the demolition. they carefully removed and disposed of the contaminated moldings and drywall 2 feet high.  Then HEPA vacuumed, cleaned, and decontaminated all newly exposed basement framing. After putting the walls back together they cleaned and sanitized their HVAC system. Upon returning 10 days later to remove the air cleaning machines they made a miraculous discovery. Steve’s wife felt much better.

Also known as “black mold” Stachybotrys is the most potent and toxic of all species. It can make people very sick and will easily grow in a water damaged house or building. As a result of our professional detection and assessment of their Stamford CT home, and the mold testing we were able to quickly address their problem. Many people with Stachybotrys type mold in their home experience symptoms and never know why.

Why Mold Testing is Important in Fairfield County CT

Many individuals will experience severe cases of toxic mold poisoning when exposed to toxic black mold. Below is a small list of the many symptoms different people my experience:

  • Circulation issues, swelling
  • Loss of balance, dizziness
  • Brain fog, cognitive impairment
  • Digestive issues
  • Blurred vision
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Neurological issues

Fortunately, this Fairfield County Connecticut story has a happy ending. This is why mold testing and removal is important in Fairfield County CT. Whether you live in Greenwich CT, Stamford CT, or any other part of Fairfield County CT, we are here to help! Call Certified mold Removal Inc. if you need mold testing or removal services. We can be reached 7 days a week at (203) 885-7199.

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