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Small Business Ideas: Best Businesses to Start in 2022

Did you know that nearly 45% of people in the United States are currently seeking a new job? 

As jobs open, people are leaving stressful and overwhelming positions, searching for better ones. 

If you are one of these people, you should consider starting your own business, rather than working for someone else. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about some of the best small business ideas to try this year! 


One of the best small business ideas for 2022 is a daycare.

Daycare and babysitting services are in high demand right now, so this is a wonderful way to make an income. This business idea doesn’t require licenses from the state, but you might want to consider getting CPR/First Aid certified. 

If you enjoy working with children, this will be a fun career path to follow. The best part about opening up a daycare is that you will always have room for your own children too! 

Don’t forget that you’ll need a permit before you start taking in children. 

Social Media Management

If you enjoy spending your time scrolling through social media, a page manager could be the best business to start.

Social media managers can work as freelancers and find businesses to work with. To do well with this career, you need to be up to date with the latest technology trends and apps. This is a fun job that requires attention to detail and the ability to create engaging content. 

The goal of social media managers is to increase revenue for a business. Social media is a powerful tool for marketing that many small businesses overlook. Check to learn more. 

Cleaning Service 

Finding the best business to start with little to invest in can be challenging.

Fortunately, cleaning products can get bought in large amounts and they don’t cost much. Opening a cleaning service can be a great way to make money and not have to worry about filing any papers. You can build a team to clean homes or commercial properties. 

Depending on how much time and energy you want to spend on each project, you can negotiate terms. 

Coffee Shop 

Chain coffee shops are going out of style as their prices become unreasonable and the quality goes down.

If you want to save the integrity of coffee beans, you should consider opening a coffee shop! Coffee shops are a profitable business since most people can’t start their days without a cup of joe. As long as you provide reasonable prices and friendly service, you will quickly grow regulars.

Keep in mind that to be a successful coffee shop owner, you need to build the right environment. The atmosphere in coffee shops should be calm, engaging, and welcoming. 

This is also a great business idea if you want to incorporate your baking skills into each day. 

Tutoring & Homeschooling

The list keeps on growing as to why children are getting pulled from school and staying at home.

Not only is homeschooling much safer for children’s health and safety, but it can also increase their intelligence. If you have a history of tutoring students or assisting a teacher, this could be a lucrative job to try. 

Talk to your local community to see what the homeschooling needs are. You can gather a group of 1 to 3 children and guide them through their lesson plans. 

Even parents that send their kids to school still need assistance. In the evenings, you can tutor kids so that they complete their homework and still have time to relax.

Self-Publishing Author

If you are asking yourself, “what business should I start?” you should consider writing.

Whether you want to become a freelance author or publish books on your own, it’s never been easier. Instead of spending months waiting to hear back from an agent or publishing company, you can do the task yourself— with help from Amazon, anyways. 

Amazon KDP can help you earn money once you upload your book to the Kindle Publishing site. A review team will analyze your book and approve it. After the approval process, your book can get bought on Amazon and you don’t have to worry about working with a printing press! 

Create Something

When you have a special talent and don’t want it to go to waste, you should make a career out of it.

People that create homemade jewelry, paintings, and sculptures can build a business off of their creations. By selling your products through Etsy, Amazon, or a website, you can make money doing what you love.

If you decide to turn your hobbies into a career, try to ensure that you don’t overwork yourself. Burning yourself out could lead to you resenting something that you once loved. 

Teach Online

Teachers are leaving the classrooms and looking for opportunities online.

Whether you have a history of teaching or not, there are many companies hiring people to teach English. Countries are seeking people that can work with their children to enhance their language skills.

Fortunately, you don’t need to always know another language to get the job. Take a look online at the teaching jobs, especially since they increased during COVID shutdowns. 

Do You Have Any Small Business Ideas?

If you are trying to come up with small business ideas, you might want to consider your talents.

Many people are turning their hobbies into a money-making empire. You can craft jewelry or write engaging content from the comfort of your home. Although changing careers can be stressful, life becomes much better when you love what you are doing.

Don’t hesitate to make a change, worst-case scenario— you try something else. 

Make sure you check out our blog for more articles about starting a business and how to make more income! 

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