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Vital Heart & Vein Performs New JADE PTA Balloon Procedure


Humble, TX, July 14, 2021 – Vital Heart & Vein is among the featured practices that have adopted the recently approved JADE PTA balloons in its procedures. The procedure that received FDA’s green light in 2020 was commercialized in the U.S. during the recent Cardiovascular Systems, Inc press release, CSI leader, Scott R. Ward, remained optimistic that the supply of JADE PTA balloon Catheters was a significant addition to the physician practice in the U.S.

What are JADE PTA Balloons? 

Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease and coronary artery diseases often require innovative intervention treatments such as the JADE PTA balloon procedures to survive. Medical device companies such as the Cardiovascular Systems, Inc specialize in providing creative products to enhance medical practitioner’s interventions for patients that require complex peripheral treatment. In the U.S., CSI remains the only JADE PTA balloons distributor, and the company chief officer was happy to announce the final full entry of the OrbusNeich balloon products in the U.S. market during the launch of JADE PTA balloons.

When medical professionals mention JADE PTA Balloons they refer to standard non-compliant balloons designed for the treatment of complex lesions. JADE balloons can accommodate the high pressure required in peripheral coronary procedures. The balloon distributed even pressure during treatment thanks to standard dilatation capabilities. They can be used with guidewires with measurements such as 0.035, 0.014, and 0.018. 20 mm to 240 mm balloons remain compatible with 200 cm and 135 cm catheters. Peripheral vasculatures that require JADE PTA balloons include the following:

  • Synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.
  • Self-expanding stents.
  • Post-dilatation of balloon-expandable.
  • Obstructed native arteries.

JADE over-the-wire balloons are another peripheral product that practitioners have been missing in their practice.

All you Should Know About Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Blood flow in the peripheral arteries may reduce due to plaque accumulation. Risk factors such as diabetes increase PDA preference amongst the elderly population in the U.S. Most American citizens, aged above 65 years should look out for peripheral artery symptoms, which include leg pain that emanates when they are either resting or walking.

If the symptoms remain untreated, the risk of immobility increases. Besides, the pain may become severe and the patient may exhibit non-healing wounds that may lead to limb amputation. Doctors encourage patients to seek immediate medical attention once they notice prevalent PDA symptoms. CSI has developed minimally invasive treatments utilizing orbital atherectomy for PDA patients.

Vital Heart & Vein Performs New JADE PTA Balloon Procedure

Our Humble, Texas physician, Dr. Kousta Issa Foteh has performed the newly procedure FDA-approved procedure. The doctor confirms that JADE PTA balloons significantly minimize vessel recoil by improving balloon sizing accuracy thanks to the uniform inflation that remains predictable. Vital Heart & Vein has adopted a full line of Jade products from these life-changing vascular solutions to help those patients with peripheral vascular disease. Besides the physicians from the Vascular Solutions of North Carolina, we remain among the pioneer practices that offer JADE PTA balloon procedure in its practice. Book an appointment at Vital Heart & Vein today and get a PAD treatment plan that fits your preference.

ABOUT VITAL HEART & VEIN: Vital Heart & Vein was founded in 1998 by a team of highly trained cardiologists and vein specialists in Houston, Texas dedicated to providing genuine care to patients. Our heart and vein specialists provide a full spectrum of diagnostic testing, comprehensive therapies, and interventional/electrophysiologic procedures utilizing the latest technology. We provide care that ensures our patients can live life to the fullest. It’s just one more way we’re striving to be the best cardiologists in the greater Houston area.


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